It is no secret that audiences are beginning to tire seeing previously successful projects remade into films and television shows. The recent thrashing that “The Mummy” received at the box office offers plenty of proof of that. Still, remakes like “Twin Peaks” and “Mystery Science Theater 3000” continue to receive love and support from fans because the amount of emotional attachment to these titles is immense.

Video game fans offer a similar amount of reverence when it comes to certain titles, and “Duke Nukem” and “Borderlands” certainly belong in this category.

This is why it comes as no real shocker that these titles are going to be receiving their own film adaptations soon.

From Console to Big screen

“Duke Nukem” is an old-school platformer first developed all the way back in 1991. The original game had three parts before the rights of the series were bought over by Gearbox Software. The company went on to create their own version of the game titled “Duke Nukem Forever,” but it never managed to attain the dizzying levels of success of the original trilogy. Gearbox has been working on bringing a “Duke Nukem” film to life or some time now, but the company has had very little success thus far.

“Borderlands” is a relatively new franchise that has built a strong fan base over the years.

The game has three parts (including a “pre-sequel”) and is an open-world, first-person shooter game. “Borderlands” has become famous for its quirky characters, unique look, intriguing gameplay and intelligent dialogue. Out of the many games set to be adapted into film form, “Borderlands” certainly looks to be the best suited for the format.

What to expect

According to an executive from Gearbox, the script for the “Borderlands” film is being written by Aaron Berg, the man behind the story of G.I Joe 3. We last heard about the possibility of a “Borderlands” film nearly a year ago, but Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford finally offered an update recently: “We’ve been developing scripts and the strategy that we’re on right now is, that it’s obviously all in the Borderlands universe, but rather than retell the stories that were in the game, we’ll create new stories so the films will have their own film canon.”

Pitchford compared their strategy to the one currently being employed by Marvel Studios.

He said that we do not see too many arcs from the films in the comic books, but the characters, themes, and situations are represented in the films, and that is what Gearbox will try to do with “Borderlands.”

He also offered an update regarding the “Duke Nukem” film, but all he could offer was that they are close to signing a contract with the perfect studio to execute the film. That’s certainly good news because we wouldn’t want such a beloved project falling into the wrong hands and getting botched up as they so often do in Hollywood.