New spoilers for "Days Of Our Lives" reveal that everyone will start to break down on the island. spoilers tease that the amulet which Chad carries might be the cause of their bad luck. Meanwhile, Paul contract an unidentified illness after a single mosquito bite. As a result, he will go crazy and will place everyone in danger most especially Gabi.

Things will start to change for the worse. Eventually, Paul will hit Gabi on the head with a rock. Everyone on the island will be in danger because of Paul. It seems that whatever he does, he isn't his old self anymore.

Paul hits Gabi

Everything is not going well on the island.

As Paul hits Gabi a rock on the head, everyone starts to become worried. Meanwhile, Eli will have to do his part. Although he doesn't want to be with Gabi anymore he cannot just sit and watch her die.

Paul will run off and it seems that everyone will feel a little safer. However, Eli will run after him to subdue him. Paul is in a situation he cannot control but no one knows how to deal with it. He is actually not his old self anymore. However, Eli believes that the real Paul will not cause them harm. Because everything on the island is beyond their control, this episode is something no one should ever miss!

Will Eli be stabbed?

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that a single bite of mosquito will cause Paul's illness. The result of this means that Eli and Paul will have a serious confrontation.

Eli will try to control him; however, it will end up angering him. As the situation heats up, Paul will take out his knife and stab it into Eli's arm.

Meanwhile, Eli will try to escape from the situation. He will do whatever he can to bandage himself. Further, he will run towards the others and will tell everyone about Paul's mindset. He will further insist that if they won't help each other to take down Paul, then most probably, he will kill them all.

On the other hand, another argument will come out from Sonny. He will suggest that everyone should stay away from Paul until they get rescued. Sonny still believes that Paul won't risk his life by killing them all. Meanwhile, he also believes that tying down this crazy man will be difficult for them to do. Maybe restraint is not the answer to Paul's problems.

It seems like everyone's life on the island is getting dark. Elsewhere in the town, Justin and Adrienne will lean on each other as they hate the idea of losing Sonny. They look forward to the hope that everyone will be rescued soon.

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