Monday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Quinn reveals to Ridge that she loves him. She credits him for her being alive. Ridge is happy that she's safe and protected, now that Deacon is in jail. Eric appears at home with Sheila. Ridge wants to know why Eric brought Sheila to the house. Eric believes that Sheila was a victim just like Quinn, but Ridge still does not comprehend why Eric brought her there.

Is Sheila a changed woman?

Sheila apologized for the things that she did to the family. Ridge is blunt about getting her out of the house, but Eric steps in and offers Sheila some iced tea. Sheila accepts.

She gazes at Quinn's portrait on the wall and thinks that it is stunning. Sheila is thankful that Eric is willing to trust her. She discloses to them that she is leaving town and decides to leave her card with Eric. When she asks for a chance to freshen up, Eric tells his son and Quinn and he needs to keep her close by. Is Eric playing with fire?

When Sheila makes her way out, she expresses gratitude toward Eric for standing up for her. She trusts that Quinn treats him right. He happily comments that she's the perfect spouse.

Nicole confides in Coco

At Forrester, while looking at Zende's designs, she begins to think about Lizzie. In the other room, Rick and Maya discuss Zende and Nicole. Rick tells her that Carter revealed to him that there was an issue with the adoption papers.

Apparently, there was a clerical error. They need Nicole to sign the papers. At the same time, Zende reminds Nicole that they would have their family. Nicole does not see how Rick and Maya could leave Lizzie and go to Paris. Coco appears at Nicole's office to talk with her, and Zende leaves.

Nicole confides in Coco and reveals to her that she won't be able to have children, because of her pregnancy with Lizzie.

She worries that she feels herself changing, and judging Rick and Maya. Coco inquires as to whether she's told anyone how she is feeling. Nicole believes that she may have committed an error by giving her little girl to them.

Showdown between Maya and Nicole

Suddenly, Maya shows up and asks to speak with Nicole alone. Maya clarifies the circumstances as to why the adoption papers have not been finalized yet with Nicole.

"Oh my God, you mean I am Lizzie's mom?" asks Nicole. Maya adjusts that she is Lizzie's mom and requests that her sister sign. Nicole can't. "Nicole, listen to me, I am Lizzie's mother; Rick is Lizzie's father. Sign those papers... sign those papers right now!" Will Nicole sign those papers?

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday to Friday on CBS.

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