On February 14 of each year, couples flood around shopping malls, restaurants, bars, or any other retreat habitats to celebrate their vast love. Love is in the air! With all of the buzz going around, most people focus on the main things that are generally known about Valentine's Day. In this article, I'm talking about three fun and interesting Facts you probably don't know about the day of love.

No partner? There's single awareness day!

February 15 was declared the official day for celebrating single awareness day (SAD). But most people prefer to have their celebrations on February 14.

The sole motive of having this day is to let single hearts have get-togethers and celebrations and most importantly, to exchange gifts with their single friends. This day was established by single people who felt like they were being left out on Valentine’s Day. On this day, planning parties for other single birds to meet up and mingle together and sending yourself flowers in the process. People find themselves new catches, and who knows, maybe the following year there might be some change of plans and celebrations.

Valentine’s Day is the second biggest card-giving holiday

"Love conquers all," as people say, thus, Valentine's Day being dubbed as a greeting card holiday.

With a total number of 143 million valentine cards sent annually, it is second in place in the number of greeting cards purchased and sent each year after the Christmas holiday.

Dogs and cats need love too

In 2013, one in five Americans showed their love to their non-human companion on Valentine’s Day, spending a collective $815 million on goodies for their pets, according to the latest survey from the National Retail Federation.

The same association says that there are some people who treat fish, horses, and other small animals as their pets.

Pet retailers, manufacturers, and shelters have deeply capitalized with these love-struck consumers and have rolled out a myriad of Valentine’s Day-themed promotions that tout everything from adoptions to “be mine” logoed dog clothing to heart-shaped dog treats.

It turns out that this day can be celebrated by everyone. Whether you have a significant other or not, you can celebrate the fact that you are together with someone, or choose to enjoy being single. Besides your friends and family members, you can also share the love with your four-legged companions. Happy Valentine's Day!