Tuesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Katie feels like she is in danger when she faces Sheila in her home. Katie yells at her to not come anywhere near her and to get out of her house. But, Sheila let her know very early on that she has no intention of going anywhere. "I'm not going anywhere until you listen to me," Sheila tells her. Katie then deduces that it is probably Sheila who shot at Quinn. She denies the shooting and appears desperate to be seen as a different person than her past would indicate.

Eric confronts Sheila

Sheila points out to Katie that she came to ask for her help.

Katie is adamant. Still in fear, she tries to reach Eric by texting him that Sheila is in her house. When Eric sees the text message, he tells Quinn that he has to go over to Katie's since Sheila is a very dangerous woman. "My God, if Sheila is here, then I think maybe we've just found our killer," he said. As he is leaving, he tells her to call Ridge over.

When Eric arrives, Sheila is noticeably happy to see him. She comments on how handsome he looks and that she is back to make amends. She pleads with him that she has learned lessons, and that she wants to apply them. She appears to be sincere, but Eric is hesitant. Eric still views her as a very dangerous woman. He questions the timing of her arrival -- particularly on account of the fact that Quinn was just shot at.

He then proceeds to call Lt. Baker to report her.

Bill hears about the shooting

At Spencer Publications, Wyatt tells Liam and their father about the shooting at the Forrester mansion, and that someone shot directly at his mother. Bill wasn't too concerned but was struck by the fact that his ex-wife Katie was a suspect. Wyatt was understandably worried about his mother.

He felt that previously, his mother was a "human wrecking ball," but insists that she is transformed, and that there was no real reason for anyone to want to hurt her now.

Brooke meets Ridge at Forrester

Ridge tells Katie about the shooting, and Brooke couldn't believe that it could be Katie. Ridge arrives at the Forrester mansion, and Quinn gives him the story about Sheila at Katie's house.

He couldn't believe what he was hearing, but Quinn confirmed it again.

Is Sheila a changed woman?

Fans were excited for Sheila Carter's return to "The Bold and the Beautiful." Her words to Eric sound very familiar, as other characters have tried to redeem themselves. The big question is: Is Sheila actually a changed woman? Time will tell.