"Teen Mom OG" cast member Ryan Edwards' addiction issues may have surpassed pills and branched out into harder drugs. New details released by Radar Online allege that possible Track Marks may have been detected on Edwards' arms in photos taken at his wedding to Mackenzie Standifer.

Ryan Edwards' drug problem may be more serious than first thought

Fans are still dealing with the shock of watching the disturbing film footage of Ryan Edwards' drug-induced haze as he drove Mackenzie and himself to their wedding. The footage reveals that Standifer was well aware that Ryan was under the influence of something and that he was in no condition to be driving.

Mackenzie asked Ryan point-blank if he had taken Xanax again, to which he responded "No"

Ryan Edwards could face legal issues

As they drove on Edwards began nodding off behind the wheel as Mackenzie attempted to disengage the dash camera while nudging Ryan several times to keep him awake. Marks noticed on his arms and hands in photographs from the wedding now suggest that his drug issues could be even more serious than originally believed. Radar reported that the photos were screenshots from "Teen Mom OG" footage. The celebrity news site also claims that an expert viewed the photos, and in their professional opinion, it looked like track marks were indeed present.

On June 26, hours before the "Teen Mom OG" finale aired, Ryan Edwards released a public statement admitting that he had been in rehab the previous month and that he is now "doing great." Ryan kept the statement brief, sharing no specific details.

So far, Ryan, Mackenzie, and Maci have remained quiet regarding the incident.

One cast member who has not remained silent is Farrah Abraham's on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon Saran. Saran revealed on social media that before filming Ryan Edwards had been given pills by MTV producer Kiki Malone. It has also been suggested by some outlets that there is a possibility that Edwards may face some legal ramifications and possible DUI charges.

Fans hope to get more answers when Maci Bookout and Mackenzie Standifer face-off with Dr. Drew on Monday, July 3rd for the reunion special. The preview for the reunion show reveals that Maci and Mackenzie are not in total agreement over the details of the recent events concerning Ryan Edwards. If this reunion show is anything like reunions of past seasons, fans can expect some pretty explosive moments -- not just between Maci Bookout and Mackenzie Standifer, but among the entire cast.

"Teen Mom OG: The Reunion" airs Monday, July 3rd on MTV.