"Days of Our Lives" spoilers for Friday, June 30, hint that Commish Raines [Aaron D. Spears] has some serious questions for JJ [Casey Moss] and takes him down to the police station for a grilling. It looks like JJ might have killed Deimos [Vincent Irizarry] but "Days" fans should expect a summer-long whodunit. The first suspect won't be convicted.

Lani feels guilty on Friday's "Days"

It was Lani [Sal Stowers] that implicated JJ and on Friday's "Days Of Our Lives" she feels guilty about siccing the cops on him. Lani only told the truth about the big confrontation between JJ and Deimos, but the problem is, JJ can't remember anything about it.

Plus, JJ has blood on his sleeve that could match Deimos so that's a strike against JJ if it proves out.

Marlena hypnotizes JJ

"DOOL" spoilers for June 30 offer hope for JJ if Marlena [Deidre Hall] can dredge up the memories he's lost. Marlena hypnotizes JJ, but it seems the memories of his argument with Deimos are locked up tight in his mind. Marlena's efforts to probe JJ's mind won't help him out and could make things worse depending on what he blurts out while under hypnosis.

Chad and Abby cool off

Their night spent together on Halo 2.0 led to some close moments for Chad [Billy Flynn] and Abby [Marci Miller] but that doesn't mean Chabby is getting back together.

They have hazy recollections of their time together at the party and then ultimately decide they shouldn't reunite.

Tripp still targets Kayla

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers for Friday, June 30, reveal Tripp [Lucas Adams] considered for a moment backing off his plans targeting Kayla [Mary Beth Evans] after a talk with Joey [James Lastovic].

Tripp won't be swayed and that means Kayla should watch out for what comes her way next on "DOOL".

Party regrets

In addition to Chad and Abby rethinking what happened between them at the party, Lani regrets kissing Eli [Lamon Archey] and implicating JJ.

Abby's still on a path to wed Dario [Jordi Vilasuso] to keep him from being deported. What's worse is that some "Days of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Chad will witness his love marrying Dario. That's awkward.

With Deimos' body barely cold, the "Days" murder mystery is just heating up. New spoilers reveal that there will be a parade of suspects before the real killer is found and revealed. Who do you think killed Deimos? Stick to NBC for more "DOOL" and come back for other "Days of Our Lives" spoilers.