"Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood has officially called off her wedding to fiance Matt Baier. The pair, who had been having some big issues in their relationship, seemed to hit a very big snag on Monday's all-new episode when Matt offered to give Catelynn Lowell a prescription pill to help her deal with her anxiety.

Portwood says she won't marry Baier

Matt admitted to giving Catelynn Lowell a Xanax while the "Teen Mom OG" star was in New York City to do press for the MTV show. Matt claimed that he had gotten the Xanax from a friend and had been saving it for Amber Portwood in case she needed it for the flight to New York.

However, once they got to The Big Apple, Matt heard Catelynn reveal that she was on the verge of a big panic attack, and offered her the Xanax, which she took.

When Amber Portwood found out that Matt Baier was in possession of prescription medication she immediately got furious with her fiance. Amber told Matt that he was not supposed to have any drugs on him at all, and even went as far as to say she would not marry him. Matt attempted to apologize to the reality TV star, who wasn't having it. Portwood told her fiance that he was always sorry for something and made too many mistakes.

Later, Matt explained to a "Teen Mom OG" producer that he was only trying to help his friend Catelynn and that he did not deserve the treatment that he was receiving from Amber Portwood.

Baier freaked out saying that rumors were going around that he had been high and that he was back on drugs. Matt also claimed that Amber told him she would not marry him and that she called him a "junkie." Later, Matt threatened to tell the press what Amber is "really like."

Amber and Matt are still living together

Insiders tell Radar Online that Amber Portwood and Matt Baier are currently still living together and that she has not made any final decisions about the wedding or their relationship just yet.

However, the "Teen Mom" recently appeared on an Instagram live video to reveal to her fans that she and Matt are no longer in a relationship together. Sources claim that Amber called off the relationship for good in May after Matt failed a lie detector test about cheating on his fiance. Amber and Matt have previously booked a place to hold their wedding reception and had planned to get married later this year on October 13.

Only time will tell if "Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood will really ditch Matt Baier, or if the couple will eventually find their way back to one another, especially since they're reportedly still living together.