Hey, "Pretty Little Liars" fans. We've got some very interesting and intense spoiler teasers to share with you guys for the upcoming episode 19 of this current and last season 7. It turns out that the girls will be convinced that they actually know who A.D. is! There's going to be an attempt to find out new intel regarding Charlotte's death. Mary Drake will return with a gift at some point. These spoiler teasers are from Freeform's press release for this episode by way of Spoiler TV.

Farewell My Lovely

They also revealed what the title for this episode is.

They decided to call it, "Farewell My Lovely." Their official synopsis started out by emphasizing in all capital letters that the liar girls will definitely be convinced that they know who A.D. is. So, it's highly likely that this storyline will get a lot if not most of the attention. Who do they think A.D. is? Are they right about their assumption? Those are the huge burning questions for this situation. One thing's for sure is that it's going to give us some very intriguing scenes to look forward to.

Next, they elaborated on that storyline by revealing that the girls are going to prepare to engage in a huge confrontation with this person they think might be A.D. Will this situation turn violent?

Will this confrontation finally allow the girls to put an end to all of this madness that A.D. has been causing them? Hopefully, those very important questions will get answered in this episode. If they don't answer them in this one, we should definitely see them get answered in episode 20 because it's going to be the series finale.

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That's right. It's going to be the very last episode ever.

Serious investigation

In this second scoop, they revealed that we're going to see Caleb, Spencer, and Hanna in a scene together. Apparently, they're going to be very busy teaming up to launch a serious investigation that's geared towards discovering new information about Charlotte's death.

Will they find the answers they seek? Or will they come up short? It's definitely going to deliver another intriguing plotline. We're going to have to wait until the episode airs to find out any other details though. That's all Freeform would reveal about that storyline.

Mary Drake has a gift

Lastly, they said that we're going to see Mary Drake arrive on the scene at some point and she's going to have a gift for Alison and Spencer. What could this mystery gift be? Will it be good or bad? They certainly made it sound very intriguing. Maybe we'll see some sort of glimpse of it in the new preview clip that we expect Freeform to release after episode 18 airs later on tonight. You'll definitely want to look for it because it should deliver some extra details about this episode. We can confirm that episode 19 is scheduled to air next Tuesday night, June 20 at 8/7 pm central time on Freeform. Stay tuned.