Ariel Winter's mom does not like her way of dressing because she believes her daughter shows too much of her body. Chrystal Workman thinks that if the teen actress dressed in a more appropriate way she could see how beautiful she is. She believes Ariel,19, is a talented actress, so she does not need so much exposure. Workman says her daughter needs to mature and hopes her to change her style for her sake. She does not like the photos that Ariel posts on social media. She believes that all that exhibitionism is unnecessary and that only damages the artistic career of her daughter.

The answer of Ariel

Sources close to the teen actress say that she is furious with her mother for criticizing her way of dressing publicly. Ariel is tired of her mother's opinion about her life and will not allow her to influence her lifestyle in any way in the future. The "Modern Family" star must fight against the negative comments she receives from trolls on social media and now she has to endure her mother's opinion about her lifestyle. Workman knows how much her daughter had to fight to accept her body as it is. That's why Ariel does not understand how her mother dared to criticize her publicly, knowing that she had self-esteem problems when she was a little girl.

A difficult relationship

The teen actress is officially emancipated from her mother since May 2015 and her sister, Shanelle Workman, is considered a mother to Ariel. The artist had a long legal battle against her mother whom she accused of physical and psychological mistreatment. That's why she took the decision to "separate" from her forever and to have the total control of her life.

After her mother's negative comments, Ariel called her toxic because she only wants to hurt her. The "Modern Family" star will not change her personality to like others, and much less to like her mother.

The negative comments about her voluptuous body is not the only problem that the actress has. She also has to deal with the invasion of privacy that suffers every day from the media and the paparazzi.

Yesterday, Ariel was captured by the photographers while shopping in a supermarket with her boyfriend, the Canadian actor Levi Meaden,29. She believes that this situation is unfair because they do not allow her to have a private life like any girl her age, who simple goes to the supermaket to shop. Anyway, she undertands that this is the price she must pay for the fame.