It appears that the first season of the phenomenal TV series “Westworld” left fans raising more questions than answers. The season finale was a breathtaking end, which answered several intriguing issues the show writers introduced in the series’ first nine episodes.


Series’ show runners Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan hinted on a few bombs for the second season, which will not air until 2018. It appears that fans will not be seeing numerous timelines developing all over various characters as was seen in the first season. In fact, the show runners wanted to avoid doing the narrative format that was first introduced to the fans.

Fans, however, know that Maeve was totally awake when she took off the train. In addition, fans already anticipated the opening of the Samurai World and those chilling piano descants will be heard again as it welcomes viewers to the second series’ run.

Potential spoilers

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan was quoted saying that “Westworld” season 2 will jump forward and will not start where the previous episodes ended. According to them, fans will not anymore see the aftershock of the previous season as well as the effects and the consequences that go with it. This latest revelation coincides with what they both confessed in the later part of 2016 that they would put more focus on the guest experience in the park rather than on the hosts.

The information these pair provided, however, raised more intriguing questions. It actually does not tell us where in the future this time jump will occur and to which timeline. It simply says jump ahead, which could potentially be during the time the hosts are reorganizing. It could also be several years later when most probably humans and hosts have found a common ground.

Possible season 2 scenes

In “Westworld” season 2, we will most likely learn more about the Man in Black or William, along with his cryptic company—Devos. Only one thing is certain in the second season of the thrilling action drama. That is, Nolan and Joy will keep viewers engaged with their mind-boggling scenes, and plots with intertwined stories and timelines.