Developer Nintendo is surely having a good year. All the way from Pokemon Go being a super-hit among the consumers to its Nintendo Switch garnering immense popularity — everything seems to have worked out in the favor of the company. Speaking specifically about Nintendo Switch; the Gaming console was launched earlier in March this year and has managed to exceed the company’s expectations. There is a greater demand over supply in the market regarding Nintendo Switch currently.

Realizing the importance of the same, the company also recently released a public apology post to all those users who were left disappointed after discovering that the gaming console in no longer in stock.

The company, along with the apology, has even assured the fans that newer units will be made available to them as soon as possible. The company posted the apology on Nintendo’s official Japanese website earlier this week. The company, as mentioned before, is currently in the process of shipping out additional Nintendo Switch units for the market in the span of the next few weeks. The company claims that the stock will be filled up by the month of July and August at the very least. Moreover, bundles of Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch should also be expected as the production of the same has been sped up as well.

Future Production

According to several reports, Nintendo also apparently made an announcement stating that their production system will be improving exponentially in the next few months.

The post suggested that the company will not only be focusing in the home-ground, Japan but will be targeting international markets equally. GameStop subsequently confirmed the news that Nintendo Switch is expected to be stocked up in their stores across the United States in the coming months.

Expert View

The Shortage of Nintendo Switch units has led many experts to feel that it was intentional and that the scarcity was falsely driven.

The company is accused of adopting this strategy in order to drive up their demands. However, Charlie Scibetta, Nintendo’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications told Ars Technica that these allegations are false. He stated that Nintendo’s intention was nothing of this sort. The company is trying to make as many units as it possibly can in order to meet the demands.

Moreover, he said that the company wants to get as many units as they possibly can in order to provide support to all the software that is scheduled to launch anytime soon now.

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