The third season of NBC's "Superstore" is months away, with the sophomore season recently concluding on an interesting note for Ben Feldman's Jonah and America Ferrera's Amy. While the on-screen pair is still on the fence about their "work flirt" relationship that was highlighted by a season-ender kiss, Feldman is also celebrating a milestone in real life. Coming off his performance in April on Michael Mitnick's new play "The Siegel," the 37-year old actor graced the red carpet of the 16th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball. Feldman was at the event with his wife, Michelle Mulitz, who is with child.

Michelle Mulitz shows off her baby bump on the red carpet

The "Superstore" actor and his wife, Michelle Mulitz were all smiles at the red carpet, where the latter showed off her baby bump. According to Daily Mail, the pair married in October 2013 at Smokey Glen Farm in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and are now expecting their first child together. In the blooper reel of "Superstore" season 1, Ben Feldman could not contain his laughter when Garrett (Colton Dunn) delivered his line, "Oh right, better to have the wedding in like a dirty old barn with a Bluegrass band." That line broke Feldman, who admitted through laughter that "That's where I got married, in what he just said."

Ben Feldman took to the stage while away from 'Superstore'

While off the NBC comedy, Ben Feldman has kept busy by working on stage.

He recently appeared in "The Siegel," for which he played a "nerdy man-boy" called Ethan, who's pining for his ex. When asked the similarities between Ethan and his "Superstore" character Jonah, Ben Feldman explained that both of them have some "quirks," except that "Ethan is probably far along on the spectrum." He added that both Ethan and Jonah, as well as his real life self, are all "attracted to women who roll their eyes at anything we do."

The future of Amy and Jonah

On screen, Ben Feldman plays the likeable Jonah across America Ferrara's Amy, whom for two seasons, he has fancied.

"Superstore" season 2 ended with the pair finally kissing after two whole seasons of slow burn. But if it were up to creator Justin Spitzer, he would have prolonged the wait. But because the pair did finally kiss in the season finale, he reassures viewers that Jonah and Amy are not yet together—Amy has gone back to her family following the devastating effects of the tornado, and Cloud 9 is also left to pick up the pieces, almost literally.

Spitzer explained to Variety earlier this month that the show hasn't "taken away the tension between them" because the truth is that they still aren't together. Fans will have to wait and see how Jonah and Amy react to the kiss moving forward, when "Superstore" season 3 returns in the fall.