Dean and Sam Winchester have found a new rival in Sheriff Jody Mills. Actress Kim Rhodes leads a new team of kickass ladies in the new "Supernatural" spinoff project.

'Supernatural' expands its TV universe yet again

The network will grab another opportunity of making a possible series featuring a female group who might join the Winchester brothers in their battle against supernatural beings. Deadline reported that they will introduce the series in an episode of "Supernatural" Season 13. It will serve as a backdoor pilot for "Supernatural: Wayward Sisters."

Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer will work as the showrunners with Phil Sgriccia and Robert Berens as their fellow producers.

The team behind the longtime series will introduce another story with actress Kim Rhodes as the star.

Kim Rhodes and 'The Wayward Sisters'

The show will follow Rhodes' character, Jody Mills. She will take a pack of young women under her care. Jody and the other ladies, who also have a troubled past, became orphans because of a supernatural event. They will go against other mysterious creatures just like Dean and Sam Winchester did in the original show.

Den of Geek noted that the title "Wayward Sisters" has a deep connection with its predecessor. It is the crew's take on the 1976 hit single "Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas. "Supernatural" never failed to play the said song at the start of every season finale episodes.


Who will Join 'Supernatural: Wayward Sisters?'

As of now, Kim Rhodes is the only one who was attached to the project. There are some speculations on the characters who might join the show. Kim Rhodes, on the other hand, has appeared in 12 episodes since the fifth season.

Deadline reported on the possibility that other "Supernatural" characters will join Rhodes too.

Alex Jones, Claire Novak, and even Sheriff Donna Hanscum are the rumored cast members.

The outlet also pointed out that "Supernatural: Wayward Sisters" might have a huge chance of succeeding. It seems like the show prioritized the interest of the fans since they got a fan-favorite character on board.

The 'Bloodlines' curse

The "Supernatural" crew might take a different approach to their newest TV spinoff.

The series previously worked on "Bloodlines," which had a backdoor pilot in 2015.

Sadly, The CW did not push through with it. Reports say that "Bloodlines" featured a Chicago-based clash between human hunters and monsters. However, the episode "only featured new characters viewers had no emotional connection to."

Are you excited for "Supernatural: Wayward Sisters" spinoff? "Supernatural" Season 13 will return soon on The CW.