In recent years, the rise and expansion of social media has given the opportunity for many individuals to find popularity in ways that they wouldn't have in the past. For Tomi Lahren, the internet has been a blessing and a curse for the right-wing fire brand.

Lahren on birth control

Not long after Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, he was able to generate excitement from many on the political right who were sick of business as usual when it came to politics in Washington. Several high-profiled names split from the more traditional conservatives in the Republican Party and decided to lend their support for the former host of "The Apprentice." In addition, the right-wing media slowly jumped on the Trump train, with names like Fox News host Sean Hannity and radio host Rush Limbaugh going all in on the billionaire real estate mogul.

While big names have come to support Trump, it's been lesser known voices that have helped carry him in the media and with the American people. One name that has been a die-hard fan of the president is Tomi Lahren who was recently in the headlines after a nasty split with the Blaze TV following her public support of the legalization of abortion. Over the weekend, Lahren was interviewed by Marie Clair where she spoke against the Government Funding Birth Control for women as part of their health care. As seen across Twitter on June 28, Lahren didn't get the best response.

During her interview with Marie Clair, Tomi Lahren made her feelings clear about birth control and the government's role in its funding.

"I can't speak for every woman, but my birth control is covered by my insurance, and if it weren’t covered, it would cost $9 a month," Lahren said.

"I don’t know a lot of women who can't afford $9 a month," Tomi Lahren continued. " Ijust don’t think birth control is so outrageously expensive that government funding for it is necessary," she concluded.

Twitter reacts

Not long after Tomi Lahren's interview with Marie Claire was released, backlash quickly followed on social media.

"My birth control is $122 a month how dare u assume everyone can just go out and pay for it out of pocket," one Twitter user posted.

"If you think government funding for birth control is so unnecessary, you can pay the $60 a month for my oral contraceptive," an additional tweet pointed out. "A little disappointed in your comments in regards to birth control pricing!

Please do your research before commenting!" another social media user wrote.

"Oh, THANK GOD Tomi Lahren is on birth control! PLEASE don't procreate, for the good of the planet," an additional tweet noted. "Hey have a job yet snowflake? That $9 birth control adds up," a follow-up post noted. Despite the criticism, it's highly unlikely that Lahren will remain quiet on the issue.