Jordan Ashford's world comes crashing down after her son T.J.'s great aunt comes to town. Auntie Stella has never cared for Jordan. She did not believe her to be a good mother or wife. Now Stella has received news that gives her a legitimate reason to dislike her deceased nephew's widow. The truth about her her great nephew's mother and father causes Stella to implode. The entire Ashford family is reeling from the fallout. And wondering how to pick up the pieces and move on.

T.J. has a heart to heart with his great aunt

Auntie Stella came to town for Curtis Ashford's birthday. She also wanted to see her great nephew T.J.

whose father she believed was Curtis's brother Thomas. Stella did not know that T.J.'s mom had an affair with her husbands best friend Shawn Butler and he is T.J.'s biological father. Jordan is also now dating Curtis who is Thomas's brother. When she found out the truth she was livid. And did not mince any of her words. She humiliates Jordan in front of her employees.

Stella lashed out at Jordan while she was working at the police station. She was purposefully loud and made sure all of Jordan's co-workers knew that she was a "Jezebel." Stella only stopped her verbal assault when Curtis came in and addressed the situation. Later Stella and T.J have a heart to heart talk at Ruby's Diner. T.J. lets his aunt know that he loves his mother in spite of her mistakes.

T.J. tries to bridge the Ashford family gap

During the conversation, Auntie Stella points out that T.J. is so much like Thomas the man who raised him. He calms her down enough to point out that she forgave his uncle Curtis. He asks her to consider the possibility of forgiving his mother. Stella gives him a look that says, "Yeah right," but her love for T.J.

might soften her heart. They talk about how Jordan withheld the truth because she did not desire to hurt the members of the Ashford family. And Stella does seem to mellow just a little bit.

Stella is not yet at the point of total forgiveness and if she stays in Port Charles, it will keep Jordan on her toes. Kudos to "General Hospital" for increasing the members in the Ashford clan and giving them a storyline that fans will enjoy.

Only time will tell if T.J can truly bridge that gap between his mother and his aunt. While the viewers wait it will be fun seeing the spunky side of Aunt Stella who does not mince her words. T.J. came to town with only Shawn as a friend of the family. Now he has a mother, father, uncle and great aunt.

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