Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" people. We're about to see Julius throw a major hissy fit over Maya at some point during the June 26 to June 30, 2017 episodes. The Avant family will go through some heartache. Ridge will try to reassure Quinn regarding their secret. Coco and RJ will make their relationship official. Katie shares one of her fashion ideas with Steffy, and so much more. These spoilers are brought to us by CBS via the Soaps.com people.

Confide in Katie

To get things started, let's go over what Monday's episode has in store for us. They say that we're going to see Wyatt confide in Katie while he attempts to give her some advice about her new job.

What advice will he give her? What will he confide in her about? Those are the big questions for that storyline.

Next, they revealed that we're going to see another Ridge and Quinn scene. During it, Ridge will still be trying to make Quinn feel safe. This time, it's going to be about a secret they have. He's going to try to convince her that there's no way it will ever get leaked. Does Quinn really have nothing to worry about? Or is Ridge just feeding her stuff that he can't really back up? It is certainly going to be interesting to see how this storyline continues to unfold throughout this week. That wraps up all the teasers we have for the Monday show. However, we're sure at least another scene or two will be featured in it.

Struggling to remedy an issue

In the Tuesday episode, we're going to see Coco and RJ officially become a couple. How will they come to this conclusion? How long will they last? Those are a few important questions to ponder for future episodes that involve their situation. We're also going to see the Avant family get some screen time in this one but it doesn't sound like they'll be having the greatest time.

Apparently, they're going to be struggling to remedy an issue they've run into concerning the adoption papers. Will they be able to finally get this problem resolved? Or will it continue to linger? Those are the big questions for this scenario.

The Wednesday, June 28th episode is going to offer us some scenes that feature Julius in action and it's not going to be pretty at all.

They revealed that he is going to go on some startling tirade about Maya being a mother. So, that sounds like it's going to give us some highly dramatic footage to look forward to. Hopefully they'll show some of it in the promo clip when they release it.

Summer collection reveal

We're also going to see Katie and Steffy share a scene at some point. When they do, Katie is going to reveal her summer collection ideas with Steffy. Will she like them? Or will she tell Katie to go back to the drawing board? We're going to have to tune in to see how all of that will play out because CBS didn't give us any other intel about it.

In the Thursday, June 29th episode, someone is going to make a proposal for Spencer Publications to participate in Forrester's latest swimwear campaign.

Who is going to make this proposal? That's an interesting question for this storyline. Elsewhere, Charlie will focus on the Quinn and Ridge affair. This definitely won't please Pam at all.

Getting recruited

To wrap up the week, the Friday episode is going to feature some of the Forrester employees getting recruited for the swimwear photoshoot. Lastly, we're going to see a scene that involves Thomas and Sally trying to devise the best way to compete with Forrester Creations. Stay tuned.

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