In the recent cover story of Vanity Fair for “Star Wars” 40th anniversary, it has been revealed that General Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) should have been the main star of “Star Wars: Episode 9.” Unfortunately, the 60-year-old star met an untimely death in December 2016 because of cardiac arrest. With that, the movie’s ninth episode director Colin Trevorrow talked about his take on the film, now that one of its iconic stars is gone. As the 40-year-old director has to change things, he promised that he will definitely handle it with high respect for the actress.

The director’s take on Fisher’s character in the movie

Carrie Fisher was one of “Star Wars” major characters, thus Colin Trevorrow said that they were extremely sad when they heard her untimely passing.

“Mostly just because she was so loved by the 'Star Wars' family and everyone that worked with her,” he told Cinema Blend.

The screenwriter also felt like the options they have are only limited mostly because of themselves. Hence, there are only a number of things that they can do in the film, but he promised that he will handle it with “love and respect.” “And all of the soul that Carrie Fisher deserves," he added.

Moreover, the screenwriter revealed that he hasn’t had the chance to meet the iconic actress in personal before her untimely passing.

But, he is going to try his best to include General Leia in “Star Wars: Episode 9.” However, her appearance will never involve the use of CGI.

Lucasfilm president hints Fisher will not be in ninth episode

To recall, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy insisted that the movie’s ninth episode will never feature digitally-created images of Carrie Fisher.

She, too, denied the claim of the actress' brother that he allowed the film’s crew to use CGI for her sister’s scenes. This is even though, a younger Princess Leia was seen at the end of the 2016 standalone movie “Rouge One: A Star Wars Story.”

Moreover, Colin Trevorrow revealed that he can’t identify yet the percentage of “Star Wars: Episode 9” script that needs to be changed after the legendary star's demise.

The production company’s head asserted that the firm has yet to write the movie’s script. However, she added that people behind the film have already regrouped and about to start things over again starting in January. Although it is unfortunate that the late humorist will not be included in “Star Wars: Episode 9,” fans are about to see more of her in the coming “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”