Following the explosion which happened at Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester, the way she looked at life has changed. Apparently, it now sounds like Grande is ready to take her relationship to the next level as she talked about marrying her current beau, Mac Miller.

After she had experienced the tragic explosion on her concert, the 23-year old singer learned what matters most in life. She revealed in one of her interviews that one of the most important aspects that she has to give time with are the people she loves. Apparently, she no longer had doubt to marry Miller as soon as possible.

Diamond ring

Weeks after the Manchester explosion happened, Grande returned to the arena for the "One Love Manchester" concert. A lot had noticed that the pop singer was already wearing a diamond ring on her finger. Many were speculating that Miller must have given a ring. However, a report from In Touch has confirmed that the couple wasn't engaged yet.

Meanwhile, during the charity concert, Grand and Miller performed on stage. Before they took their performance, Grande said, "Tonight is all about love, am I right?" This further confirmed that Grande is definitely in love with her rapper boyfriend.

To recall, the young singer was also linked to other personalities like Big Sean, Nathan Skyes, and Jai Brooks.

However, not all of these men can equal to how Miller made her fall in love.

Engagement rumors

After the tragic event during Grande's concert, the singer immediately flew back home together with her mother. During those days, she interacted with her inner circle and shared that Miller is the one and that she wants to marry him soon.

Amid this news, engagement rumors started to rage online. Apparently, Grande's outlook in life has changed a lot and right now, what she wants most is to be with the people she loves, and that includes Miller. For the meantime, the couple hasn't confirmed the news yet.

Regarding engagement rumors, sooner or later, people will know about it.

If wedding bells are about to ring, that is something fans should look forward to. Despite the tragic bombing in Manchester, the "Dangerous Woman" hitmaker is finally ready to set off the next level of her relationship.

Meanwhile, the pop singer is currently hard at work as she resumes her "Dangerous Woman" tour which was temporarily canceled due to the terrorist attack recently. Stay tuned for more updates as Grande might announce her engagement soon!