Greetings, dedicated fandom of "Rick and Morty"! As our aching wait for the new episodes continues to what seems like forever, we have taken the effort and managed to unearth some worthwhile gems for your indulgence.

"Rick and Morty" happens to be one of those shows that is a pioneer in tactfully immersing its viewers, earning their overall sensory participation. From satisfactory background scores to talented voice actors, to flawless animation, and gorgeously catchy soundtracks and songs, it isn’t a surprise the unending boom this show is causing, relentlessly claiming unending fans in its wake.

Speaking of songs, the one song from the show that rose to claim a lot of popularity is undoubtedly ‘Goodbye Moonmen’ (aside Get Schwifty, of course).

We’ve got a long way to go before Goodbye

Ever since it’s debut in the episode ‘Mortynight Run’ on August 2, 2015, ‘Goodbye Moonmen’ has grown to become a massive favorite amidst fanatics and newbies alike. This lullaby, written by David Phillips and Dan Harmon (co-creator of "Rick and Morty"), is sung by Jemaine Clement, who also happens to voice the character ‘Fart’ in the episode.

The song, with its eerily relaxing vibe, has excited the internet community and encouraged talents across C-137 to make varied covers of it. We have taken the liberty to choose the top five covers on YouTube from a wide variety of genres for your entertainment.

Lets get it started

5. Goodbye Moonmen [Acoustic Fingerstyle Cover]

Uploaded by YouTube user ‘AfroToast’ on his channel, this is a solo rendition of the tune with classic fingerstyle guitar technique. This makes for a sweet version of the song to learn and AfroToast is kind enough to offer the guitar tabs for it. If you’ve got a guitar, go on and learn this version.

This cover has gone on to get 42,013 views.

4. Moonmen Piano Style Cover

At number four, we have a beautiful instrumental rendition of Goodbye Moonmen on a piano. Uploaded on his channel by used ‘Piano Style’, this cover although non-vocal doesn't fail one bit in capturing the core essence of the original and has got 104,809 views.

3. Goodbye Moon Men ('Rick and Morty') || Cover by Ro Panuganti & Julia Henderson

At number three, we have a fuller, more satisfying cover of this beautiful song. Uploaded on their respective channels ‘Ro Panuganti’ and ‘Julia Henderson’, this cover is a fine amalgamation of bright guitar, rumbly foot-tappy bass, and beautiful vocals and the videos on their channels have got a combined view count of over 35,000.

2. 'Rick and Morty' Goodbye Moonmen [Geektronica Space-Folk cover]

Closing in on the countdown at number two, we have an electronica cover of the tune. Done and uploaded by YouTube user ‘Ace Waters’ on his channel, the video has gotten 10,251 views. This version is a dreamy, post-electronica rendition of the famous tune and is catchy as hell with superb synthesizer and theremin flavors and loaded with pleasing audio fx.

1. Goodbye Moonmen - Ukulele Cover

Winner winner, Chicken Dinner! This cover done and uploaded by user Shahar Erez is simple and one of a kind. A girl with her ukulele and a heavenly voice, this cover is ethereal beyond description and is sure to leave fans and non-fans mesmerized.

It is incredible what just one person can do, and this has got to be our favorite cover of Goodbye Moonmen. The video has gone to fetch 79,414 views on YouTube.