There is no doubt that Selena Gomez is happy with her new boyfriend, The Weeknd. Fans think that Gomez and the "Starboy" singer are perfect for each other since they look so comfortable with each other and lovely when they are in public together.

According to a recent report from J-14, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd seem to have a normal relationship despite being the biggest music makers in the industry. Several people think that the couple's relationship is strong enough to surpass all the difficulties their relationship might face in the future.

Comparing the past and current relationships of Selena Gomez

The "It Ain't Me" singer's love life was not always fantastic, as Selena Gomez had her share of relationship difficulties. Her relationship with Justin Bieber constantly made negative headlines. Reports claimed that she felt depressed and anxious when she was still dating the "What Do You Mean" hitmaker. Perhaps, there is a great difference between Gomez's relationship with Bieber and the "I Feel It Coming" singer.

It seems like Gomez has finally found the right person for her -- The Weeknd. The couple seems to be very supportive of each other's careers, which only makes them treasure each other. One thing is for sure, Gomez has matured, grown and has finally realized what she needs and wants in her life.

According to a report from E! News, Gomez is very much in love with the "Earned It" hitmaker. Her relationship with Abel is very different to the relationship she had with Bieber. The love they have is reportedly mature enough, which is why it is working well for the couple. Insiders claimed that Gomez has finally found a person who loves her and who makes her happy.

Both of the music makers have reportedly learned from their past relationships. Gomez and Abel have already introduced each other to their families who reportedly approve their relationship. Fans of the two singers are happy that Gomez is finally in love again and that she is happy.

What does Gomez think about Taylor Swift's relationship?

On the other side of the story, fans have been wondering if Gomez approves of Taylor Swift's rumored boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. According to J-14, Swift's close friends and family knew about the relationship all along.

The publication unveiled that Gomez approves of Alwyn and that she was already introduced by Swift to Alwyn. According to reports, Swift and Gomez have always been in contact and keep each other updated about the happenings in their lives.

It seems like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are both in a happy relationship. Hopefully, Swift will also share more details about her new relationship with Joe Alwyn.