On Memorial Day, Cartoon Network released the season 5 premiere of "Steven Universe" and boy, was this one a doozy! We were presented with game-changing twists, heartfelt character developments, and a slew of colorful (or in this case off-colored) new gems. I'm here to discuss some thoughts as to what these mean for the rest of season 5 (and maybe even the rest of the series?) I have a few speculations on that, but we will save it for another day. Anyhow, let's go to court!

The case we have been presented with today is:

Who really shattered pink diamond?

Of all the things I was expecting in this Steven Bomb, this was not one of them!

Nor was I ready for the chorus of "I told you so" from the "Rose Quartz couldn't have killed Pink" theorists. I am sorry I doubted you. In "The Trial," we get new details surrounding the murder of Pink Diamond, but these details only complicate things further. Stories aren't adding up, and it looks like the shattering of Pink must've been an inside job. A betrayal.

But who? Let's look at the evidence! And the court recognizes that there are spoilers ahead.

Blue Diamond?

Unlikely, but Zircon did accuse her (which was a pretty bad decision on her part, but she was doing great leading up to that). If you think about it, her constant grief and mourning over her beloved Pink would be a good cover up. No one would suspect that someone who cries over their dead friend 24/7 would have committed the crime.

And I don't think she did. I believe Blue's ability to overpower other gems emotions would only work if they came from a genuine place; and she's been shown to mourn over her even when others aren't around. Her talk with Greg in Steven's Dream is proof enough for me. You're off my radar Blue -- for now.

Yellow Diamond

Well you're looking mighty suspicious my elegant, lustrous Diamond.

Getting defensive, shutting down Zircon's well-made point --.it makes me very wary of her. She wants nothing more than to have Blue and everyone else forget the Pink Diamond fiasco. To completely move-on and smite any hints of the legacy she left behind, is this due to the shame Homeworld had to face when they lost the war? Her practicality and anti-sentimental nature?

Or the need to erase the evidence? Yellow knows the more time people have to think about it, the more they will start to realize things weren't adding up. Everything from temper, tone, and body language suggests she knows something. But did she actually do it? Personally, I don't think so.

In "What's the use of Feeling, Blue", it's important to note that both Diamonds believed they were alone (save for a couple of back-up Pearls) and were having their intimate exchange in confidence. In a rare moment of vulnerability, Yellow Diamond showed strong remorse and mourning for Pink Diamond. For her to let her tough militaristic guard down for even a second was a huge tell. It seems she did love Pink and genuinely does miss her; but Yellow could be harboring some regret and/or guilt.

She bears a knowledge that kills her from the inside, but she must remain silent. Maybe she herself didn't commit the crime, but knows who did; someone who would have power over Yellow Diamond. Someone like --

White Diamond

Or would it just be "diamond"? I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Sadly, she does not make an appearance in this string of episodes. It's hard to delve into the motivations behind a character we've never met. If the moon base murals suggest anything, White is the head of the Diamond Authority and Pink was probably the youngest. Would White Diamond have wanted her dead out of jealousy, embarrassment, or weakness? Hard to tell.

I still don't know how the murder could've been at the hands of a Diamond, yet have all eyewitnesses believe it was Rose.

If it was a Diamond, there's a missing piece we have yet to discover. But if it wasn't (while still being an inside job) that means the next likely candidate is --


Blue and Yellow Pearl know something! Period. Moving on, since Pearls are extremely unassuming and the Homeworld equivalent of furniture, no one would've dared suspected a Pearl to shatter her master. Not to mention our Pearl's unquenchable and undying love for Rose made her more than willing to sacrifice her life for her. She could've shape-shifted into Rose and done the deed; their color palettes are the most similar after all. This could also be why Pearl has never shape-shifted on the show. She is too traumatized about using her powers to kill a Diamond that she never wants to change her form ever again.

She was also very uncomfortable about the subject of Pink's final resting place in "Steven's Dream"

But wouldn't Pearl have said something after the big reveal? Either she never told Garnet the truth, is honor bound not to reveal the truth, or is unaware of the conspiracy and was deceived along with everyone else. After all, Rose kept many things secret from her and we still don't know what's inside the mysterious chest. Then again, it might not be the Crystal Gem Pearl we know and love, and could be one we've yet to meet. Just remember: it's been stated by Rebecca Sugar herself that Pearl is the Gem we "know the least about"

Pink Diamond?

Planned suicide? Secret Rebel? Was her death a martyrdom because she had a secret agenda? Not buying it? Eh, worth a shot.

But it would be very interesting to hear the reasoning behind this if it ends up being true!

Final thoughts and future expectations

Why would everyone think it was Rose Quartz if she didn't do it? I know the diamonds have complete control over all the gems, but could they really cover up something that major? Everyone knows that if you kill someone, you kill the witnesses too (Disclaimer: I have no personal experience with this), but there are still those who claim to have been eyewitnesses. There's also the question of why one of the Diamonds would've wanted Pink dead in the first place, but that will surely be revealed in good time.

I was actually on board with the "Rose Shattered Pink" story line. It made her imperfect and way more of a complex character.

Whatever role she played, I hope they don't make her too innocent. That would consequently make the last season's moral questioning and searching for answers almost seem --well, pointless. I would sort of feel cheated if that whole plot point was a huge "just kidding" moment. But for now, the best we can do is wait and see where the 'crew-niverse' takes us. I will probably review the rest of the bomb in a separate article later this week. Feel free to comment and discuss your own thoughts, opinions, and theories.

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