Scott Disick has no shame in his game. After two weeks of partying in Cannes and London with numerous younger women, "The Lord" has returned home with a major attitude. Scott is clearly not happy that his long-time love and mama to his three kids has seemingly moved on.

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian, is it really over?

Disick returned home from his vacation, or bender as some fans are calling it, feeling defeated. He was spotted at LAX, shades covering his eyes and looking exhausted. Sources close to the Disick/Kourtney situation have allegedly told Radar Online that Scott was in full go revenge mode while on vacation.

He was bound and determined to show Kourtney just what he was capable of and what she had tossed aside for some her boy toy plaything Younes Bendjima. The insiders claim that Scott purposely flew to Cannes, where Kourtney was. He booked a villa just a few blocks away and made sure he was seen flaunting his string of women for the paparazzi.

Scott Disick's plot to make Kourtney jealous backfires

All done in an attempt try and get under Kourt's skin. Scott's list of conquest includes Bella Thorne, Sofia Richie, who just happens to be one of Justin Bieber's ex-flings, Ella Ross, and a handful of young unknowns. If Kourtney was even the least bit disturbed by Scott's attention seeking plot no one knew.

Always appearing cool as a cucumber, Kourtney has the making of a professional poker player, calling Scott's bluff without blinking an eye.

Disick is now home and realizes that "operation make Kourtney jealous" has failed miserably, so he has now opted for plan B, threatening Kourt's, new man. Pals close to Scott claim, according to Radar online, say that Disick has called out Younes Bendjima and threatened to 'kick his a** ' for stealing his woman.

The insider also claims that Bendjima was bothered a little by Scott Disick's threats, but, he is so into Kourtney he has no plans of letting Disick come between them. "He says he's in love with Kourtney," the insider confessed to RO speaking of Younes.

Scott's antics has cost him more than just Kourtney, according to the celebrity news site.

Scott's recent out-of-control behavior now has Kourt laying down some stern rules. Kourtney has decided he must undergo sobriety checks before she will even consider allowing him to see Mason, Penelope, and Reign. It looks as if Scott is back to square one, for the 100th time with Kardashian.

This is the way Kourtney and Scott's life has gone for years, they break-up, make-up and go at it again. How long do you believe it will take before reports of Kourtney and Scott reconciling begin to surface again?