The Reality Show "RuPaul's Drag Race" is renewed for another season on the VH1 television network. According to the latest news, The network renewed the show on April 13, 2017, and is expected to air its tenth season in March 2018. News about the new season came after the show wrapped up Season 9 where Sasha Velour won the first price. Eureka, who was eliminated from Season 9 because of a medical condition received the invitation to join the next season, which she gladly accepted.

The Tennessee-based drag queen was eliminated on the fifth episode of RuPaul's Drag Race after she suffered a knee injury performing cheerleading as one of the challenges.

Her elimination from the show made her the first performer to ever leave because of an injury. Nevertheless, only a few Queens were able to walk the runway and Eureka is one of them.

Meanwhile, last season winner Sasha Velour may stop doing shows at the Brooklyn shows NIGHTGOWNS, but her official website continues to post her future shows. Also, Velour is confirmed to join the "War on the Catwalk: The Queens of Season 9" which will air in at least nine cities in the United States beginning July until August. If that's not enough, you can also get the Velour experience by supporting the "Velour: The Drag Magazine."

Reality Show's challenge to contestants

The contestants on the drag race showdown are challenged to specific performances based on the mini challenges and the main challenges.

Mini-challenges are considered repetitive and minor performances that show the contestant's consistency. The main challenge can be done individually, or by a group and is most likely be taken seriously because of its capability to give the performers' immunity from the next challenge.

The last season awarded the winner with $100,000 and a year supply of Anastacia Beverly Hills cosmetics and the crown from Fierce Drag Jewels.

RuPaul's Drag Race reality show won the Best Reality Competition at the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards, while RuPaul was nominated as Best Host. The show has at least ten International airings mainly Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latin America, Spain, Sweden, Philippines, and the UK.

One of the most controversial episodes of the drag race was season 6 on one of its mini challenges when the show used the term "she-male." The term drew massive criticism that the network was forced to take down the episode on all platforms that it is available.