With the recent win at the MTV awards for best reality TV Show, and with the ninth season nearing the end, “RuPaul's Drag Race” has gone on to become more than a TV show. It has showcased the art of drag by breathing life into the platform through representing different styles and unique fashion choices.

The show has provided some classic and now iconic scenes over the years, from passionate lip syncs to cat fights and shimmering runway looks.

Now Sissy that walk

It highlights that there is more than one stereotypical drag look. They all contrast in different ways on one runway: from pageant girls, comics, celebrity impersonators and of course Sharon Needles.

Sharon Needles is the perfect example of embracing the future of drag. Her first runway look consisted of dribbling 'blood' with a bald cap on. The queens had her down as a non-contender, yet her style and quick wit made her a fan favorite. RuPaul saw her as the rightful winner with her positive outlook, not only due to her style but through refusing to change for anyone else.

Besides the lighter side, so many issues are highlighted throughout, from difficult childhoods and acceptance from loved ones. These queens are brave and incredibly fierce. The simple fact is, people are afraid of what they don’t understand: men dressed as women. It’s much more than that and the confidence all the queens in the show is incredibly admirable.

Stay strong and shine on

The show does a great job in educating about the LGBT community. Those who are not as confident as they want to be, or feel they should act a specific way in their day to day life are inspired to be more positive and to love themselves.

Sabine Carmen, 27, is a student in Germany. She told me in an interview for Blasting News, that she found that watching the show has made her confidence soar and she has learned not take herself so seriously.

“I was struggling personally, I had started going through my teaching course, and I was expected to behave in a certain way the whole time. That wasn’t necessarily me. The show has inspired me to be myself without caring what others think about me.”

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” has reached people of all ages with Drag Con in the U.S.

becoming a big success. The UK has followed suit and Drag World, which is launching in August will be a UK first. People young and old can come together, meet their favourite queens and bond with other fans.

Annie Smith said to me that she feels strongly about this. “The show has taught me to love myself. As I’ve grown older I’ve thought 'that’s too young for me,' or 'I’m too old to be a part of certain things.' But since watching the show it has encouraged me to embrace life and make every day count. I’ve met some wonderful friends through the “RuPaul Drag Race” events. It’s an inclusiveness in that we are all brought together by these queens sharing their stories and pain. We see that we not are alone and we will all get through our struggles together.”

Viewers are made to feel part of the drag family. They learn to love each other and to cherish the importance of sisterhood. The show has such a great message, as it’s all about educating, building confidence, self-love and not hate.