A new video clip has just hit the Internet recently showing us a little sneak peek of The First episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9, and the first thing we have to say about it all is "OMG YAS Lady Gaga!" SO. In the clip, we see the usual introduction that happens with all the new queens walking into the room one at a time, with a little interview/voice over thing happening as they walk in. Cue RONNIE aka LADY MOTHERFLIPPING GAGA. Gaga comes dressed as herself in her famous performance garb, but has given herself a more masculine voice and is pretending to be a drag queen to fool all the other contestants and see how long it takes them to realize that it’s ACTUALLY her.

We have to admit, when we first saw her wearing some slightly-different-contouring to give her more boyish features and a backwards baseball cap, even we questioned if that was actually her.

The Wait Is Over Lady Gaga Has Landed

Obviously, Gaga finally coming onto the show and debuting on episode 1 is a pretty big deal, and has definitely caused the show’s popularity to skyrocket, but that’s not all that’s been causing a lot of buzz lately. As we’re sure you know because the Internet had a total meltdown over it all happening, the show has now moved on over to Logo’s sister network VH1, also owned by Viacom, and will now be airing on Friday nights. The show found itself receiving some criticism for the move by some at first, mostly because people didn’t realize that VH1, Logo, and MTV are all owned by the same company, and due to this lack of knowledge people thought that RuPaul had “betrayed” the network she’d been on for the last several years.

This is a good change, all is well with the world, let’s move on.

A Sneak Peak of Lady Gaga on Drag Race

We’re personally very, VERY excited for the new season to make it’s big debut. It has a really strong looking set of contestants this year, Lady Gaga, a new network, and just an awful lot of really amazing things happening that we’re pretty sure won’t do anything other than just bring an overall improvement to the show. What do you think about the all the changes? Let us know in the comments below!