It is a rare occurrence to see lovers Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs at a public event. Since their relationship started, the couple chose to evade the watchful eyes of the public and maintained a low-key affair. However, given Rob's phenomenal success in the "Twilight" saga, it is inevitable that he will always make headlines and that includes his partner. Recently, the lovebirds attended the 2017 Cannes Film Festival and made headlines right after.

Is FKA miserable with Rob?

Previous reports claimed that Rob and FKA’s relationship is going stronger than before.

The couple was glowing on the red carpet. The "Twilight" actor appeared euphoric to be in the spotlight again. FKA is beside him wearing a Dior silk gown with custom prints that read Santa Maria Diorella. She accessorized herself with a gold crucifix hanging on a black choker and her traditional piercing. While Pattinson was beaming in his black tuxedo with a smile, his partner seemed to be unhappy and even struggled to let out a smile.

There were some reports claiming that the singer was seen constantly staring at the floor while on their way to the event. Many speculated that probably Twigs is having a miserable life with the actor. It can be recalled from previous reports that Twigs had a hard time dealing with numerous "Twilight" fans pestering her on social media.

Others theorized that maybe the singer was just not having a good day or was not feeling well.

It is worth noting that in 2014, in an interview with The Observer, the singer revealed that she is not her real self when on the red carpet. She added that she's only present at those kinds of events to show support for her love.

Moreover, FKA Twigs commented on how the media are critical of her every move at many events. For the singer, red carpet events are not her thing. These, however, don't stop her from showing her support and love to Robert Pattinson.

Their love story

Reportedly, Robert Pattinson got engaged to singer FKA Twigs in August 2015. Through the years, they have kept their relationship away from the public eye.

Although they appear in public events together, the couple seldom talk about their relationship. Earlier in May, the couple celebrated Pattinson's 31st birthday at Akasha restaurant in Culver City, Los Angeles. The party was intimate and celebrated with friends. The couple was seen later kissing and hugging outside the venue.