There is no doubt that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson developed a close relationship after filming the “Fifty Shades of Grey” series. Sources told that the undeniable chemistry of the onscreen couple led to a speculation that the two are romantically intimate with each other in real life. As per reports, Dornan is accused of being jealous with some of the issues connecting Johnson to other men. Is Amelia Warner’s husband already in love with his co-star? What could be his wife’s take on that?

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson’s relationship

According to Celebeat, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are seemingly very connected with each other despite the fact that their roles in “FSOG” are really challenging.

Fans believed that the success of their movie lies on the fact that they are very comfortable with each other even off-cam. Sources told that the Dornan became dependent to Johnson as they film for their recently-concluded film.

Moreover, Jamie Dornan admitted that the actress knows everything about his private life, which is why their friendship grew stronger as time passed by. On the other hand, Dakota Johnson revealed that Dornan’s relationship with his wife Amelia Warner is really ideal and is very commendable. She further added that their friendship is built on trust and on the fact that she needs to feel safe and comfortable around him. As she stated in her interview:

"We got to know each-other based around the fact that I needed him to be protective of me," Dakota told UK Express.

Dornan is jealous with other men

With that, avid viewers of the onscreen couple thought that Dornan and Johnson could be hiding their romantic relationship from the public. Rumors even told that the former is very jealous with some of the men being linked to the latter. However, nothing has ever been confirmed or denied by both parties, which is why experts suggest that fans should take all the news just a grain of salt.

More projects for Dornan and Johnson

Meanwhile, reports confirmed that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson would be working on more movies together in addition to the “Fifty Shades of Grey” series. The two already built a solid fan base and there is no doubt if filmmakers would want to see more of them onscreen. Sources told that E.L. James is already working on some “Grey Book”, which would focus on the perspective of Christian Grey. With that, viewers could expect that Dornan and Johnson would work together again real soon.