In Hallyu (Korean wave), most people are generally fans of K-pop and/or K-television (K-dramas and/or K-variety shows). However, there has been an exponential rise in interest in K-movies. Thanks to video-on-demand (VOD) streaming sites like DramaFever, Viki, and OnDemandKorea (ODK), K-movies are far more accessible now than ever before. Thanks to DramaFever, "Miss Granny" became one of the most watched K-movies of 2016. And thanks to ODK, "The King" received plenty of viewership giving fans an insight into the climate of Korean politics.

It can also be reported that the immense popularity of certain Hallyu stars in television has their fans anticipating films they may star in, too.

Case in point: So Ji Sub and Song Joong Ki. Because of their K-dramas, "Oh My Venus" and "Descendants of the Sun" respectively, the two Hallyu stars are very popular. They are so popular that many fans, both domestic in South Korea and internationally, are very excited about the movie they star in, "The Battleship Island."

"The Battleship Island" is currently the most-anticipated K-movie of 2017. Fortunately, North American Hallyu fans will be able to watch the movie too as it will debut in the U.S. and Canada on August 4.

CJ Entertainment reveals 'The Battleship Island' will debut in North America

In Los Angeles, California on June 28, CJ Entertainment revealed the release dates for "The Battleship Island." It was no surprise when they announced the South Korean release date of July 26.

What was surprising was the announcement of a release date in both the United States and Canada in over 40 cities.

"The Battleship Island" received critical acclaim from the majority of people who viewed it at the Cannes Film Festival last month.

It was so popular that it was pre-sold to 113 territories worldwide.

A story that will touch the hearts of many

"The Battleship Island" is a K-movie that is based on a true story during World War II. Korea is under the dictatorial rule of Japan. Koreans, about 400 of them, are on conscription to Hashima Island which is known by the nickname the movie is named after for its similar appearance to the naval fleet ship.

Upon arriving, the Koreans learn their promises of high wages were nothing more than a lie as anyone working there is forced into slavery.

Near the end of World War II when Japan is losing to the U.S. forces, they decide to cover up their inhumane transgressions by destroying "The Battleship Island." One of the Koreans who is an activist for independence learns of Japan's horrendous cover-up. He along with others team up to evacuate all the Koreans before they are killed.

"The Battleship Island" is directed by Ryoo Seung Wan ("Veteran" and "The Berlin File"). It stars Hwang Jung Min ("Ode to My Father" and "The Himalayas") as Lee Kang Ok, So Ji Sub ("Oh My Venus" and "Always Sophie's Revenge") as Choi Chil Sung, Song Joong Ki ("Descendants of the Sun" and "Werewolf Boy") as Park Moo Young, and Lee Jung Hyun ("Split" and "Beautiful Days") as Mal Nyeon.