Did Rihanna find a new man? Rihanna’s new photos with a mystery man have been circulating online recently. Both were seen in steamy scenes in the pool. It is believed that RiRi's new partner is a multi-millionaire from Saudi Arabia.

To recall, it has been awhile since Rihanna went out on a public date. Nonetheless, she wasn't either known to go around publicly and to claim anyone to be her man. The last time she was seen dating in public was her relationship with Drake and Travis Scott. Right now, it seems that RiRi is devoted to keeping her relationship under wraps.

Saudi businessman

Despite Rihanna's attempt to stay low-key, her plans were spoiled when some paparazzi managed to snap a photo of her together with a mystery man in Spain. A report from The Sun claimed that the man is known to be a business owner in Saudi. In fact, he is also known as an heir of a multi-million business.

With their recent photos, both were seen making out in the pool somewhere in Spain last week. It is believed that both were having their vacation together in a posh villa and wanted to keep their getaway as private as possible. Their pictures started to leak online on Monday. For the meantime, much of details have been kept private yet.

RiRi is madly in love

The Saudi businessman is believed to be Hassan Jameel.

He is coming from a rich family in Saudi and is also believed to be an heir of their family business, a dealership of Toyota Cars. The "Umbrella" singer was pictured very close with Jameel on the poolside. According to a report from The Sun, the singer tried to keep their relationship in private; however, it is believed that they were already together for six months.

Jameel's family is also an owner of one of the biggest companies in the world. He is also a deputy president and a vice-chairman of their family business. Amid their romantic photos, most of her fans are happy upon learning that the singer is finally happy with Jameel. Just recently, RiRi also shared to one of her friends that their relationship is a real deal.

She also shared that she is madly in love to her new found man.

RiRi and Jameel were believed to have spent a lot of time together. It is also rumored that they are now taking their relationship to the next level.

Rihanna also shared that Jameel's family is very private and is also extremely wealthy. The report further revealed that RiRi has been coming to the UK on a regular basis in order to visit her new man. Right now, the singer is yet to give comments about this recent news.