The Fans of "Bringing Up Bates" know that Michael Bates Keilen wants to have a baby. She is great with her younger brothers and sisters but hasn't been able to get pregnant since getting married. Now, she is speaking out about her battles with infertility in a new blog post. Michael has been very quiet about this issue in the past, but fans are happy to hear her opening up.

Michael shares what they are going through now

In a new post, Michael shares that she has always dreamed of being a mother. She shared that when she would rock a baby to sleep, she dreamed of her being her own someday.

She got married back in 2015 but hasn't been able to get pregnant since their wedding. She said she did go to doctors right away and then said that they didn't take it seriously. She went on to explain saying, "Don’t even think about a baby until you’ve been married at least a year… babies take time!"

Michael went on to explain that her marriage was going great and she couldn't wait for Brandon to get home from work each day. The thing was, she still really wanted a baby, but it just didn't happen for them yet. This issue caused Michael to become really sad, but her marriage sounds like it has stayed strong throughout it all.

Michael started to doubt God

After not getting pregnant a year into their marriage.

Michael Bates decided to see a specialist and have tests run. She revealed that she would even cry herself to sleep as Brandon held her. She admits that she started to doubt God and didn't understand why this was happening to her. She reached out to God, and things got better for her. Michael explained saying, "Not only has God shown me His hand of provision on the medical side of this walk (finding doctors, searching for answers, providing finances), He also has allowed me to see how this time has knit our hearts together as a couple."

Michael then went on to explain that she has really appreciated how much everyone has prayed for her and encouraged her over the last year.

As of right now, Michael and Brandon still aren't expecting a baby, but they are waiting to see what God has in store for them. She has been seeing doctors and if you watch "Bringing Up Bates" you know that she will end up sharing what she finds out with the fans and if she has any happy news to reveal in the future.

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