Chris Brown and Rihanna's controversial split was among the most unforgettable breakups in Hollywood back in 2009. It has been years already since their tumultuous separation, but many are still left guessing about the real score and what exactly happened on why their relationship got wrecked in the first place.

The reports were all aimed at the "With You" hit-maker, who had been charged with assault after being accused of physically assaulting Riri at the time. Brown, 28, and Rihanna, 29, did not explain everything in details and that everyone could only remember that the singer's dominant behavior towards Riri was the turning point for her to finally call it quits.

'Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life' is a new documentary opening up about his chaotic past with Riri

The Breezy star has recently shared a few details about his past relationship with Rihanna on his latest documentary project titled "Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life," as per the latest reports. The documentary has reportedly featured the beating incident in 2009 that brought the relationship into a conflict-ridden separation.

A report from Hollywood Life claimed that the rapper-actor was ready to make his proposal for the Barbarian singer. Furthermore, he was ready to confess his relationship with another woman he had worked with at the time after the proposal, but his confession apparently made everything worse in the latter.

The separation turned out like a nightmare for Riri, and she's definitely not okay with hearing about the unfortunate experience she had back then. As to why Brown decided to share their chaotic past to public, the reason isn't clear yet. A source said, "Rihanna is pretty pissed Chris, 28, is bringing up their old drama again.

She never wants to be put in that position again, and she still carries pretty deep scars, as much as she tries to act otherwise."

Is Rihanna still in love with her ex after all?

Amid several reports claiming that she's totally pissed off and upset about the documentary reminiscing their horrible past, it has been speculated that Rihanna is just holding back because she does not want to get hurt again, but the truth is that she still has feelings for Brown.

Is this true?

A bunch of brewing rumors in the past has claimed that Chris Brown has since tried to win her back following the breakup. However, despite the whispers and stories surrounding the former couple, the two have kept mum about the real score, which means the fuzzy talk will remain on a thin line until they give their say, respectively.