Rihanna and Chris Brown have achieved celebrity status over the years with their hard work and talent. Both of them had taken the music industry by storm. However, their relationship has been never a smooth sailing one. With rumors and differences building between them. They have never been a couple that fans have looked up to.

Chris Brown spills it all in "Welcome to my Life"

Recently, Chris Brown made public the details of their relationship, and how it was working out between them. A documentary named 'Welcome to my Life' launched recently makes shocking revelations about the relationship between Chris and Rihanna.

The documentary covers the highs and lows of their relationship including the much hyped 2009 Grammy’s pre-party incident. The incident hit the news claiming that Brown attacked Rihanna in her car. He also discloses how he was going to propose the singer in the year 2009 and how he felt about being the first one to say ‘I Love You’. Chris shared insider details of why and what were the reasons that led to the situation that day.

Though, Rihanna hasn’t been able to cope up with the trauma. The 'Stay' fame singer hopes to never be dragged into such a situation again. “She never wants to be put in that position again, and she still carries pretty deep scars, as much as she tries to act otherwise.” shared by a close aide to the singer.

The aide also shared that the experience was disturbing for Rihanna, but she came out like a winner in the public. She claimed that Rihanna did not want her past to affect her future. She wanted to be known as an independent, fierce, and strong woman. Not a weak woman or being victimized by the people around. After the incident, she has struggled a lot to be close to anyone.

And, she does not believe men easily.

While on Chris Brown’s account, in 'Welcome to My Life,' he takes responsibility for his actions. In the documentary, he shares how he faced an inability to control his anger. How lack of communication and his infidelity led to the destruction. Brown confessed a major reason for the breakdown of the relationship was self-sabotage.

Brown confessed that a disturbed childhood and the past as major reason that contributed to his actions and behavior. And, how he became passionate about the art. While it has been over a decade, the couple has split their ways. The premiere of the movie gave a chance to Brown to spend some special moments with his daughter Royalty. Currently, Chris Brown shares a joint custody of his daughter Royalty with her mother, Nia Guzman.

On the premiere day, June 6, the three-year-old Royalty accompanied her dad with a pretty smile. Dressed like a princess, she was wearing a white dress with puffed sleeves. Matching it were a pair of pink sparkle shoes. Her hair tied back neatly in a bun. On asking Chris Brown and her daughter’s relationship.

The singer said that she is my entire life. She’s a part of it in all aspects. Brown added, “I thought music was at first but she’s number one, and then the music. Bringing her here, I wanted to show her that daddy is cool, I guess.”

Rihanna is not happy

While it was a big day for Chris Brown, Rihanna did not spoil it up for him. But, unhappy with the revelations, she showed here disapproval while talking to a magazine. According to a source from HollywoodLife.com, “Rihanna is pretty pissed Chris, 28, is bringing up their old drama again.” So, we guess Rihanna has made her stand very clear on the issue.