"Rick and Morty" fans rejoiced back on April Fool's Day when Adult Swim premiered the first season 3 episode. Ever since the first episode of the season, we've been waiting for more but so far, Adult Swim hasn't even revealed a date for the new episodes to drop.

Now, more than two months since the first episode of Season 3 was released, a few details about the upcoming "Rick and Morty" episodes have been shared. Fans have a better idea of what the storyline will be and which characters will be returning.

Season 3 to explore Beth and Jerry's divorce

During a recent podcast interview, Ryan Ridley revealed details for the upcoming Season 3 "Rick and Morty" episodes. As many fans might recall, the April 1 episode ended with Beth and Jerry headed for divorce. That wasn't just a tease to get everyone excited. It turns out that the pair really are getting a divorce and the after effects of their split will play out in future episodes during Season 3.

In the premiere, Beth seemed rather happy to be leaving her husband while Morty was not happy at all. Especially since the divorce was all a part of Rick's master plan. Mstars reported that Rick's manipulation causing his parents to divorce might be the end of him following his grandpa's orders and mindlessly going along with him on all of those interstellar adventures.

There might be a major change in their relationship going forward, with Morty becoming more confrontational.

Which characters will return on 'Rick and Morty'

While there is still no air date for episode 2 of Season 3, the "Rick and Morty" creators have been giving fans a few teases regarding who might be in the upcoming shows.

The next episode, titled "Rickmancing the Stone," is highly anticipated even though we don't know when it's coming. Fans expect the second episode of Season 3 to air at some point between now and August.

Ridley recently teased that there will be a return of "Evil Morty" during Season 3. This makes sense considering his parents are divorcing and he learned that it was Rick who instigated the whole thing.

Ridley also said that fans can look forward to the return of Mr. Meeseeks, Mr. Poopybutthole, Scary Terry and Squanchy.

As far as when "Rick and Morty" will return to finish up Season 3, all signs point to July. After all, the previous two seasons of the Adult Swim hit have dropped in July and it looks like that might just be when the animated series aims to make their new episodes available.

Will you be tuning in when "Rick and Morty" returns to tell the rest of the story about Beth and Jerry's divorce in Season 3?