Millions of viewers around the globe are now thrilled about the upcoming premiere of the much-awaited “Rick and Mortyseason 3 after countless delays. Recent reports are now claiming that one of the lead characters will transform into a giant pickle.

Pickle Rick set to return in the popular series?

Inverse revealed that Rick is going to turn himself into a pickle. Speaking at the Y Combinator podcast, voice actor and writer Ryan Ridley has shared some details on what fans should be expecting in the upcoming third installment of the popular animated series.

“We do an episode in Season 3 that’s — it’s not a spoof of anything in particular, but we started referencing very specific movies,” Ridley revealed after sharing his experiences while hanging around at the writers’ chamber. He divulged that a Pickle Rick will be featured in one of the “Rick and Morty” Season 3 episodes.

Comparing it to the “127 Hours” and “Gravity” plots, Ryan Ridley stated that Rick will transform into a pickle and will be forced to endure a very difficult circumstance. The writer added that this certain episode is going to be the series’ version of “the survivalist sub-genre.”

While no other details on the specific Rick episode have been made public as of yet, Adult Swim has already announced that Pickle Rick will be revealed after the premiere episode of “Rick and Morty” Season 3 is aired.

Other reports suggest that the second episode of the third installment is titled “Rickmancing the Stone,” which is said to feature Morty helping Rick saving Summer Smith from a serious menace. “The Rickshank Redemption” episode was already aired on April 1 and Adult Swim has yet to announce the official release date of Episode 2.

Will Rick and Morty save Summer in Episode 2?

Meanwhile, several theories about the upcoming Episode 2 have made rounds because Adult Swim has been keeping things under wraps until now. According to MoviePilot, Morty is going to replace Joan after learning that Summer Smith is in real danger.

Morty is anticipated to save Summer, of course, with the help of Rick.

While the latter is not so adventurous unlike the former, Rick is predicted to save his granddaughter.

In other news, Jessica, who is Morty’s big crush, is set to make a comeback in “Rick and Morty” Season 3. The returning character is said to find herself into a major trouble and, as always, Morty is going to find a way to save the day. Stay tuned for more spoilers!