Greetings, Fandom! How are your plumbuses hanging? It is needless to say, and a lot of fans will undoubtedly and undeniably agree that it indeed a great time to be alive and be a "Rick and Morty" fan. From the year and a half long wait for the new season to the wait that followed the premiere of the third season and it still prevalent, Rick and Morty is one show that has so to speak, effortlessly kept us at the edge of our seats, wanting more.

Adult Swim has consistently succeeded in keeping its fans constantly engaged with new videos in the form of teasers.

The painful wait for the new episodes has further fuelled the ever booming popularity of our beloved animated show, and fans across dimension C-137 have indulged themselves in making the wait less painful in whatever ways and means possible.

Sensory Satisfaction

The hype of the show has reached new heights with the release of the Rick and Morty virtual reality game. Gamers have even modded the popular game Grand Theft Auto by Rockstar Games to have Rick and Morty as playable characters in a world of gangs, riots, and all manner illegal yet adventurous shenanigans. Some specific fans, however, have taken their surreal love for the show to a whole new level of pure, satisfactory genius.

Let them dominoes hit the floor

Popular YouTuber and "Rick and Morty" fan ‘TheDominoKing’ who is a renowned domino artist from Louisville, Kentucky has paid tribute to the show in the most spectacular and bespoke way we could ever imagine. In his Video titled ‘Rick and Morty (In 18,365 Dominoes!)’, he makes a massive domino arrangement with fond characters and phrases from the show.

This ginormous and colorful arrangement took TheDominoKing three whole days of hard work and precision, and 18,365 dominoes of various colors. The end result is nothing short of insane. From the toppling of the first domino, the first character to have been arranged in this epic Work Of Art is none other than Snowball (Snuffles) the Cyborg Dog (from the episode Lawnmower dog).

Following this frame is the title of the show in its trademarked font and colors. It is truly a sight to behold.

Right after this frame, the chain of dominoes neatly topple, leading to a wall of carefully stacked green and yellow dominoes which collapses gorgeously to reveal one of the most famous catchphrases from the show “Get Schwifty.” The chain proceeds to tumble in perfection to lead to a massive portrait of domino art depicting our beloved titular duo Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith.

After the breathtaking unraveling of this work of art, the chain of dominoes tumbles over to the last bunch of stacks which tumble the colorful plastic cups stacked atop them, revealing Rick’s signature catchphrase “Wubbalubbadubdub.”

To execute this massive work of art in one swift flow is quite a task, and the video is proof that TheDominoKing is the best at what he does. Here’s to a job superbly done. We’re mighty impressed.