Michelle Duggar is not doing much to silence fans who seem to think a Family Feud has brewed between two of her daughters and their husbands. In a blog post on the official Duggar Family website, the mom of 19 posted a cryptic message that has some fans wondering about a supposed feud between Jill and Derick Dillard and newlyweds Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo. In the post, mama Duggar wrote about jealousy, envy, and bitterness, and warned readers not to compare themselves to others. Michelle also said that bitterness can cause people to be harsh and treat others unfairly.

The Duggar matriarch included a video of Pastor Adrian Rogers’ sermon on bitterness.

What’s going on between the Duggar sisters?

According to In Touch Weekly, “Counting On” fans have noticed that pregnant Jill Duggar Dillard doesn’t follow her newly married sister Jinger or Jinger’s husband Jeremy on social media, which is odd in and of itself. Longtime fans of the clan know that the Duggar girls aren’t permitted to create social media accounts until they are engaged. The family places a high value on social media platforms like Instagram once they marry and move out of their parents’ Arkansas home. Because Jinger actually moved out of the family’s home state and went to Texas when she married Jeremy, it's even more unusual that her older sister doesn’t follow her on Instagram.

Could a church sermon be at the root of a family feud?

In addition to the social media snafu, In Touch points to a sermon Jeremy Vuolo recently gave that slammed missionaries that have never been “established by a local church,” something longtime missionaries Jill and Derick Dillard have not done. Vuolo reportedly called the unestablished mission workers “unqualified, unsent zealots" that "cause more damage than they do good.” Jill and Derick Dillard have spent long stretches of time in Central America where they perform missionary work.

It is definitely unusual that all of the married sisters wouldn’t follow each other on social media, even if only as a way to keep in touch and share family photos.

Of course, Duggar family fans are always scoping out the clan’s social media accounts to see who is following whom. In the past, Jill and Jessa Duggar were at the center of feud rumors after Jessa’s wedding and pregnancy took Jill’s newlywed news out of the spotlight.

Fans can see the Duggar sisters making nice on “Counting On” this season on TLC.