A lot of information is coming out about what happened on the set of "Bachelor in Paradise" and why the show was shut down. Now Daily Mail is sharing that they talked to a source and they are sharing that Corinne Olympios actually went limp during the sexual encounter.

What did the Daily Mail source reveal?

A "Bachelor in Paradise" crew member spoke to Daily Mail. Of course, they don't want their name revealed. They shared several details about what allegedly went down. The source shared that Corinne and DeMario did find out that part of the storyline this season would be these two hooking up.

The source said that they were both drinking and got in the pool then the jacuzzi. Corinne took off her swimsuit. This is the way other sources have shared what went down, but now this new source is sharing new details about what happened after.

The source revealed that they were kissing and hugging, but then Corinne Olympios appeared to go limp. The source said she was even sliding under water as DeMario was holding her up and appeared to have sex with her, but it didn't last for very long. He even allegedly pulled her out of the water, laid her on the side of the pool and had oral sex with her next. They went on to say, "She appeared to be unconscious. At that point, some of the crew came out and carried her off to her room.

She was limp and seemed unable to walk on her own." When DeMario shared his side of the story, he said he was unable to even have sex with her.

What did they do for Corinne?

This source went on to share that they didn't call a doctor or anything to check on her. They instead just let her sleep, and then the next day Corinne said she didn't remember any of what allegedly went down.

A source did say that Corinne and DeMario are speaking since then and that they are on good terms. It sounds like everyone is upset that nobody on the set handled it differently because they were both very intoxicated when this all went down. Corinne has hired a lawyer to help her out.

Now, "Bachelor in Paradise" is not filming at all, and it sounds like they won't even air the part of the show that has been filmed already.

There is no word on what will happen to the future of the show, but the fans are going to really miss it.

Are you shocked to hear that Corinne Olympios was allegedly limp during the sexual encounter with DeMario Jackson? Do you think this is how it all went down? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "The Bachelorette" on Monday nights on ABC.