Fans are now waiting for the return of “Prison Break” Season 6 after the previous season’s finale. To recall, it was revealed that Whip was actually T-Bag’s son, but the former was gone even before his father could make it up to him.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the show’s series creator Paul Scheuring talked about the tragic season finale and its connection in the possible next season. In fact, the unexpected twist could have changed the storyline of the television series’ known antagonist.

The heartbreaking finale

According to Paul Scheuring, if Whip had lived, he could have changed his father’s life tremendously.

T-Bag might have used his time to make it up to his son after the long while they had been apart. He would have given him a home and the family he didn’t have. This, too, could have changed the television series’ villain into a good man.

To recall, fans were deeply shocked when they learned that Whip was actually T-Bag’s son. However, their emotional reunion turned into a tragic event when Whip got killed. The heartbreaking scene brought tears to the eyes of its viewers when the known villain pleaded his son to hold on to his life while he was waiting for help.

The mourning of T-Bag

"He needs to have a new, emotional, character-driven storyline,” Paul Scheuring told the Hollywood Reporter.

The series creator admitted that he thought about it for a while to see what would be the effect if T-Bag has his own family.

Hence, they brought him Whip. However, when things got pretty perfect for the father and son, the show might lose its resident antagonist. Hence, the television series might not look like the original “Prison Break” and he won’t be the “T-Bag” fans know. Everything will change.

Evidently, the death of Whip is pretty intentional.

If “Prison Break” Season 6 comes, viewers might see T-Bag still mourning the death of his son. He, too, might still be thinking of the life that they never had the chance to have. As things might be tough for him, he will definitely move on with the help of the people around him.

The show’s return

Meanwhile, Fox's network Chief Dana Walden revealed that they are now considering bringing “Prison Break” Season 6 on TV.

In fact, the claim is even supported by the show’s executive producer Vaun Wilmott when he told TV Line that they are now thinking to do more episodes of the serial drama. He also added that he is 100 percent sure that the cast will be back when they have finished a new and perfect storyline for its continuation. “Ideas are percolating," he teased.