Europeans who wanted to watch "The White Queen" sequel "The White Princess" won't have to wait much longer. Hbo Europe has officially picked up the series and will air the show in Spain, Scandinavia, Central, and Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, this does mean parts of Western Europe won't get it just yet.

This doesn't mean Starz will pick up the show for a second season. "The White Princess" was always designed to be a limited series, based on the Philippa Gregory novel of the same name.

No official start date yet

Right now, the news of HBO Europe picking up the show is all that is being shared.

There are currently no time frames for the future of the show. "The White Princess" season 1 may not air for another few months across the network. There is also no idea on a potential day of the week that the show will air.

The season aired on Starz on a Sunday night. This may have contributed to the lackluster ratings, as Sundays do tend to be a quieter night for TV. However, the ratings aren't the reason for the show not continuing with another season. The show ended in the same way as the books, similarly to the way the BBC/Starz show "The White Queen" ended.

'The White Queen' gains popularity with fans

Despite having smaller ratings than other shows on Starz, the show did pick up a loyal fan base.

There are plenty of people out there who want to see the second season. The hashtag #RenewTWP remains popular on Twitter, as fans try to make their voices heard.

It is possible that another show is in the works. "The White Princess" was technically a spin-off of "The White Queen," which aired in 2013. It took years for the next Gregory book to be adapted into a TV show.

There are plenty more books to adapt, which all span the course of decades. Getting in new actors for the roles will make more sense to allow for the aging process to look genuine.

Two books to adapt next would be "The Constant Princess" and "Three Sisters, Three Queen." The books are set from 1491 and 1501 respectively, and tell the stories of Catherine of Aragon, Margaret Tudor, and Mary Tudor.

They would help to take the Starz show into the popular Tudor period with Henry VIII and his six wives--and there are plenty of Gregory novels to adapt from that time period.

Starz hasn't shared any plans for continuing the story adaptations just yet. However, "The White Princess" is coming to Europe very soon, thanks to the deal with HBO Europe. We will share more when there is an official date.