New details continue to emerge over "Pokemon Go" and the next events coming to the app. The Augmented Reality Game has been updated again. Recently, Niantic has revealed new information about other new features made to the app, as well as interesting details about upcoming events that will be happening in the celebration of the second Anniversary of the game.

A few hours ago, Niantic released another new interesting update coming to the "Pokemon Go" app. While it is true that the company will celebrate the second Anniversary of the app, and that the highly-awaited Release Date for this important event has been already announced, it is not known what we can expect from this event yet.

The vast majority of players are still waiting for the Legendary Pokemon. However, Niantic has not referred about the subject in its latest updates.

Next, we share with you, new interesting details about the most recent“Pokemon Go” update and next events happening on the Anniversary of the Augmented Reality game.

What can we expect for the coming Pokemon Go Anniversary?

While it is true that the “Pokemon Go” app was released last year, the vast majority of players and trainers expect to see new features as the double XP, extra candies, legendary release, half price items and lots more. Probably, Niantic includes all these features in the game except the Legendary Pokemon.

Why couldn't the legendary be released in the coming Anniversary of the app?

It is true that Niantic has given some clues and that many rumors have been running wild that the Legendary Pokemon will be released this summer; however, the latest ‘Pokemon Go” app is still presenting some bugs. So, it is very likely that Niantic would first fix all little details of this highly-awaited event, and it would take a little while for the company developers to get this done.

It is worth mentioning that Niantic’s developers have announced that the company could come out with new interesting gifts and rewards in the coming Anniversary of the game.

Additional information

According to rumors in different social networks, new exciting changes will be coming out in the next Anniversary of Augmented Reality game.

Days ago, Niantic's developers said that new berries and some new rare Pokemon would be arriving at "Pokemon Go" in the coming days.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.