Over the weekend, fans of "Still Star-Crossed" learned that the show was being moved from a Monday to a Saturday. Instantly, publications jumped to the theory that this was very bad news for the fate of the show. It turns out that the theories and speculation were true. "Still Star-Crossed" season 2 is definitely not happening.

Low ratings after just three episodes

Despite being in a strong slot for the summer, the periodic drama just hasn't pulled in the ratings expected. The Shondaland show gained just 2.3 million views on the first night and the ratings dropped considerably the following two weeks.

After just three episodes, ABC determined the show to be so bad that it was moved from the post-"The Bachelorette" slot to a very weak Saturday night slot.

The 2.3 million views may have been okay, had the show remained on that level. "Mistresses," which aired last summer and was canceled, brought in 2.6 million views on average. The time slot after "The Bachelorette" should be a good one, as people stay tuned from the reality TV show.

Even when the DVR ratings are considered, the show still remained low. It was clear that ABC needed to make changes right away.

Torrance Coombs confirmed no 'Still Star-Crossed' season 2

Actor Torrance Coombs regularly shares updates through his Twitter, so it was not surprising to find out news from him directly.

The former "The Tudors" and "Reign" star confirmed on Friday that there would definitely not be a second season, just before confirming the move to Saturdays. This is despite publications not getting that news right away.

Fans are understandably disappointed.

The drama had an excellent EP (Shonda Rhimes and creator of "Grey's Anatomy") but it was just one of those risky decisions. There was hope that there would be enough interest in a show based on another novel.

"Still Star-Crossed" told the story of what happened after "Romeo & Juliette." With the Capulets and Montagues still warring, they decide to force a marriage between the two heads of their households.

It isn't just the ratings that have caused problems for a second season. All contracts are due for renewal at the end of the month, so it is easy for the network to completely cut ties.

The show will take a short break, before returning to Saturdays on July 8, 2017. "Still Star-Crossed" at least gets to play out its whole first season, which is better than "Time After Time" and "Powerless," which were both canceled midseason.

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