Mia came on to the “America's Got Talent” stage and made her pet mom, Edna Moore, proud as she opened this week’s auditions. The precious Cockapoo is more than just a pretty face, although it was somewhat like love at first sight for the panel of judges and the crowd Tuesday night at the auditions for Season 12. It takes more than looks to lure those “yes” votes to the finals, and Edna Moore assured that her darling dog did more than recognize single symbols as numbers. She could really “do the math.” Mia stepped up and settled into a not so comfortable chair, and showed her aptitude in canine calculations.

No figures were hidden to this little pooch, and beyond the digits, Mia and Edna proved the powerful connection between a loving owner and beloved pet.

Count on it

Mia was welcomed with beaming smiles from Simon Cowell and Mel B, who immediately picked up on the connection between the pet’s first and last name to make the phrase, “mi amor.” The dog wore a fashionable ensemble in powder blue, complete with a darling white hat. Moore teased that “she's got more clothes than Tyra.” When Simon asked what the panel would see from Mia, Edna described that her dog can “count any number between 1 and 50, and she can also use math flashcards.

Howie Mandel was asked to give a number for Mia to count, and he offered, “four.” The pet was precisely laser-focused on her human mom’s face.

Edna repeated the number, and when the pooch paused, she asked, “Are you nervous?” Mia literally shook off any nerves, flopping her ears with an assertive reply. She settled again, and gave four barks, Simon Cowell gave 16 as her next test, Mia made herself more comfortable and counted out the two-digits without a hitch.

“That was 16,” Cowell confirmed, as Howie Mandel exclaimed, “That was amazing!”

Numbers by sight

The audience was clearly captivated by Mia’s skills by this point, and Edna called for Tyra Banks to bring out flashcards. She asked the host to randomly choose a card. The card was 20, and Mia demonstrated more than just number savvy—she showed the true performer’s talent for timing.

Without a word from her mama master, the doggie barked out the count as the panel counted on their fingers and the crowd counted along. At 19, she stopped, and gave a shake of her head, as if to wink at the enamored crowd, and then, gave the last “Ruff.”

There was a roar from the crowd before their ovation, and a nosy nuzzle from Tyra before Mia was covered in kisses from Edna. Howie asked if the pup had a favorite judge. “She has a crush on Simon,” divulged the owner. The feeling was clearly mutual, with Simon calling Mia a “super dog,” and Mel B adding that performers like her are “Why I love ‘America's Got Talent’”

Simon Cowell suggested that Mia count out the votes that she wanted, and in a flash, four barks followed.

The tail-wagging tally was confirmed, and Mia jumped for a high five with her gushing mom before exiting the stage. This lifelong partnership should plan on counting many more votes to move them on toward their “America's Got Talent” goal. Go, Mia!