The Duggar family that became famous because of their show “19 Kids and Counting are also famous for using no birth control. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are pro-life advocates. The same life principles have been transferred to their children. Jill Duggar who will deliver her second child in July said that she wants to bear as many children as she can.

After the birth of their eldest son Israel, the couple contemplated adoption. However, it has taken a back seat after the couple conceived their second child. When asked how many children she and her husband Derick Dillard plan to have her answer was similar with the other Duggar children.

Jessa Duggar has also considered adoption before their second son Henry Wilberforce was born.

Jill Duggar wants lots of kids like her parents

Jill Duggar revealed in 2014 that she and her husband will have as many children as God will permit them to have. Aside from having their own biological children, the couple is willing to adopt. According to Romper, Derick Dillard just like his mother is an adopted child. So adopting a child means so much to him.

Jill Duggar together with Jessa Duggar has spearheaded “Counting On” after the family show “19 Kids and Counting” was canceled because of the sexual molestation scandal involving Josh Duggar has surfaced. The disgraced member of the family is currently facing a lawsuit for stealing the identity of a DJ to register to an online dating site.

"Counting On" will continue having babies on the show

Now that that the two sisters are having kids of their own and two of their siblings have tied the knot, it is not far that the concept of “Counting On” will follow “19 Kids and Counting.” Jinger Duggar got married in November. Joy-Anna Duggar married her friend of 15 years.

The Hollywood Gossip shared the couple's honeymoon photos. Joseph Duggar is already engaged to Kendra Caldwell. There is no stopping the Duggar family from increasing in number following the biblical command of multiplying to subdue the earth.

No matter how large their family is, Michelle Duggar manages the household effectively.

Her children are devout Christians including their sons and daughters-in-law. Jill and Derick are currently doing missionary work but it does not pose a threat to their plan of having a large brood.

The Dillard family is currently in Arkansas in time for Joy-Anna’s wedding to Austin Forsyth. Possibly, she might stay until she delivers her baby. Her delivery will be featured on "Counting On." The show will be featuring lots of exciting episodes as plenty of special events happened in the family.