The new and long-awaited Gyms system has been enabled by Niantic in “Pokémon Go”. However, new changes have been made in the Augmented Reality game. The way in which the new Pokémon are defeated, in the battles that take place in the gyms, has been completely modified. Currently, the new update is based on a motivation System linked to the CP of each Pokémon. An interesting detail to take into account is that with the new update, Pokémon can lose their CP in the Gym battles very fast. To defeat a Pokémon in one of the gyms, this time, it will take several battles. Next, we share with you, new changes discovered in the latest Pokémon GO update.

Let's see details below:

How quickly does a Pokémon lose CP in battle?

According to the new changes discovered in the new update of the "Pokémon Go" app, a Pokémon can lose about 28 percent of its Max CP, at the moment of being defeated in a battle. However, a third battle will allow players to reduce the CP of their Pokémon to zero so; they will have three unique opportunities to knock down a Pokémon in a gym.

Niantic could make other new changes in the Gym system

It is very likely that in the next few days, Niantic will make new changes to the Gyms system, because most Pokémon Go players are not satisfied with some details related to the latest update in the game. Many players complained that reducing a Pokémon’s CP to zero is too difficult, so Niantic seems to have taken these concerns into account by allowing players to defeat a Pokémon in three battles, not five.

A new CP change was reported by a Reddit user. According to reported by this user, the change was observed in Blissey. This Pokémon lost about 28 percent of CP and then was drained to zero.

What about the new Stones as part of the inventory?

Once the Mega stones are part of your inventory, players must save them to the game so that they are not lost.

It is not known at this time how long the stones will be available, so it's recommended that players take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts.

Additional information

New details were revealed about the frequency in that the Coin bonuses are given in the game, as well as the limitation in the gyms. The way of receiving the Coin bonuses in "Pokémon GO" has changed with the arrival of the last update in the game of augmented reality.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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