Joining a long line of Donald Trump haters is Johnny Depp, who jokingly suggested of assassinating the U.S. President. However, the actor drew flak from the White House and Trump fans, which prompted him to apologize for his remarks.

What started the controversy?

At southwest England’s Glastonbury festival, the actor asked people if he could bring Trump there. His question was answered by jeering and booing. He continued to query when an actor had assassinated a President. He went on to add that he was not an artist and basically lied for a living. He concluded by saying that it had been a while since the last occasion of an assassination and perhaps it was “time.”

The White House criticized his callous comments, which hinted at the assassination of President Trump.

The incident came to light after a clip of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star speaking the words surfaced online. The words he stated were interpreted as a comparison to President Lincoln’s assassination by Booth. For the unfamiliar, Booth was a professional actor.

Depp apologizes

While presenting “The Libertine”– which released in 2004 – at a screening, the Hollywood star noted that his remarks could land him into trouble. He said that once his statements hit the press it would be horrible and maintained that he just asked a question and was not “insinuating” thing. However, it seems that his comments were deemed rude enough for the White House to intervene.

White House’s Sean Spicer, who is the press secretary, highlighted that not only Depp but also comedian Kathy Griffin had insulted President Trump.

Griffin appeared in May with a fake head of the current President for a play. This play showed him getting assassinated in a manner similar to which Caesar was killed in the Shakespearean play.

Spicer stated that he was not aware if the President has heard of the play or Depp’s comments, but regardless there is a “troubling lack of outrage we’ve seen in some of these incidents.” He added that the Trump has made it clear for one and all to give up any form of violence.

Following the outrage over his comments, Depp apologized. In a statement given to the People magazine, he noted that he was sorry and whatever he said was a “bad joke” that he attempted, which was not in good taste. He continued that what he wanted to say did not come out as intended and there was no malice in his heart. He concluded by saying that he was trying to amuse people around him and did not mean anyone any harm.

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