Hey, "The Bachelorette" fans. In this next episode 6, one guy fails to deliver what Rachel needs on their one-on-one date. A mystery guy gets ousted on a group date. There will be a Viking challenge, some hot tub action and much more. These spoilers come from Reality Steve and ABC's official description.

From 9 to 6

In the new episode 6, Rachel and the guys are going to head on over to Copenhagen, Denmark. By the time it's over, the field of men will get narrowed down to just 6 from 9. They're going to start off showing us footage of a one-on-one date with Eric Bigger.

He and Rachel took a hot tub dip in the open of the city according to Reality Steve. He didn't mention if Eric got a rose on this date but we're guessing he did. If he didn't get the rose, Steve definitely would've mentioned it.

Unknown guy gets ousted

Next, there's going to be a group date scene. Dean, Peter, Bryan, Alex, Matt, Adam and some unknown guy will go on this date. For some reason, Steve didn't know who the unknown guy is. However, he did point out that he will be the one to get eliminated. So, at the end of the day, I guess it won't really matter who he is. During the group date, they will do a Viking Challenge using swords and shields.

The intel about the eliminated guy was revealed on a radio show with Robert Mills.

Rachel apparently told him that she eliminated one of the guys during the group date in Denmark. All of these other guys will make it to the next show except for Alex which leaves this unknown guy on the outs.

Will Gaskins one-on-one date

After the group date, they're going to show a one-on-one date with Will Gaskins. They will take a boat trip to Sweden for the day.

Steve mentioned that he's pretty sure Will gets eliminated on this date because he never makes it to Geneva, Switzerland which is the location for the next episode.

I guess nothing too eventful happens during the cocktail party as Steve never mentioned anything about it. So, that brings us to the rose ceremony footage. Everyone got a rose except for poor Alex Bordyukov.

So, he joined the mystery man from the group date and Will Gaskins on elimination row. The next time we'll see them is at the special "Men Tell All" episode if they decide to show up.

A two-on-one elimination

We also have an official description from ABC by way of TV Guide. They mention that the episode will start out with a continuation from the previous episode. This continuation will entail Rachel sending one of the guys home from a two-on-one date that took place. Then there will be a rose ceremony elimination.

After that, Rachel and the guys will go to Copenhagen, Denmark. From there, the foorage of the date is as Steve describes. ABC's description is always slightly different because they know exactly how each episode is edited. Also, please note that episode 6 is scheduled to actually air tomorrow night, June 27, 2017, at 7 pm central time on ABC. They're airing back-to-back episodes this week. Stay tuned.