Netflix pulled the plug on "Girlboss" soon after its April launch on the streaming site. As the second season will no longer be produced, Sophia Amoruso spoke up about the failed show based on her life and she seems relieved.

Amoruso took to Instagram to air what she thinks of "Girlboss" season 2's cancellation. Her sentiments have since been deleted but some followers were still able to catch the gist of her message.

"While I’m proud of the work we did, I’m looking forward to controlling my narrative from here on out," Sophia Amoruso said in her Instagram post.

"It was a good show, and I was privileged to work with incredible talent, but living my life as a caricature was hard even if only for two months."

The protagonist as a villain

"Girlboss" starred Britt Robertson as the 20-something Sophia Marlowe, whose character is based on Amoruso. She sold vintage clothes on eBay and then built a multi-million dollar empire via the shopping site Nasty Gal.

Viewers, however, didn't embrace the show and the lead character despite Robertson’s commendable acting. The series received plenty of criticisms because of Sophia's unlikeability as a protagonist. The Netflix comedy received generally low reviews on sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

Sophia Amoruso also answered her detractors on social media following feedback that her character in the series was too mean.

"Yes, I can be difficult," she said. "No, I’m not a dick," she added, saying she might still get to tell her story to correct the misinterpretations someday.

Netflix cancellation decision

Netflix launched all of the show’s 13 episodes last April 21. The streaming platform doesn’t reveal how many views the shows received but the criticisms might have influenced Netflix’s decision not to proceed with the show anymore.

"Girlboss" follows a few other cancellations that the streaming site announced in May. Netflix also shut down "The Get Down" after one season, while it pulled the plug on "Sense8" after its season 2 run.

What’s next for Amoruso, Robertson?

Meanwhile, as Sophia Amoruso is no longer heading operations at Nasty Gal after filing for bankruptcy.

She built Girlboss Media, though, and expressed she’s more cautious about her business dealings today.

Britt Robertson, on the other hand, will soon work on the movie “The Postcard Killings” for a 2018 release. The actress isn’t new to having her shows cancelled on television as she led “The Secret Circle” for one season and “Life Unexpected” for two seasons on The CW. She also starred in “Under the Dome” for three seasons on CBS. In between shows, the actress did several movies, the latest of which was with Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston in “Mother’s Day.”