"Game of Thrones" fans will have to wait until 2019 for the final season of the show, season 8. HBO took the time to reveal its strategy as talks are in progress for a possible five spinoffs of the hit show. HBO programming president Casey Bloys unveiled the plans that the network has for the final season.

What plans does HBO have for "Game of Thrones" season 8?

Vanity Fair reported that the final season of "Game of Thrones" season 8, has been delayed with little explanation. Bloys tried to explain the delay in an interview where he gave additional information on the planned spin-offs of the hit show.

He clarified that the plan for the network is long term, and it will take awhile to develop the new spin-offs when HBO decides to roll them out. Fans need not look for the spin-offs anytime soon as the network wants to give the original "Game of Thrones" a proper sendoff. Although the network is looking at five different scripts right now, fans need not expect that all the scripts will make it to the small screen.

The Verge reported that it wouldn't be a bad thing if final season of "Game of Thrones" was pushed to 2019. The reasons for pushing the final season to 2019 have been vague as HBO has revealed very few details. Season 7 was pushed back several months and will premiere in July 2017.

The delay for the season was the result of needing to film during the winter. Bloys said that the premiere of season 8 revolved around when the final scripts were written as well as the show's production schedule. He said the company would have a better sense of when the final season would premiere as the writers worked on the scripts.

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Season 7 spoilers revealed

Winter is Coming, a fan site for "Game of Thrones," reported that a visit to the set of the show revealed details of some of the scenes for the season. The visit to the set was made by reporters for The Toronto Sun. In the newspaper report, details of the costumes were revealed as were other details.

The most important details came from the sets. In one scene filmed for the season premiere, several of the characters are meeting to determine how to defend against the White Walkers. They are meeting in the Great Hall at Winterfell. John Snow says that Dragonglass kills White Walkers and that it may be necessary to mine it. In another scene from the second episode of the season, several characters are standing around the table at Dragonstone. The goal is to determine how to take the Iron Throne away from the current occupant, Cerce Lannister. Fans will have to wait to find out what happens when the show premieres in July.