On "General Hospital," Sonny Corinthos and his soon-to-be ex, carly Corinthos are toxic for each other. They have been married to each other 4 times, and are embarking on their 4th divorce. The old adage of "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" should be changed to "Hell hath no fury like Sonny and Carly scorned by each other." This couple is out for blood and all of Port Charles should be running to take cover.

This time around, more is at stake for Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos

During this past year, "General Hospital" has been filled with drama surrounding Sonny and Carly.

The Corinthos marriage has taken several major hits. Their youngest son Morgan was diagnosed as bipolar. In-patient treatment, out-patient therapy, medication, and mood swings kept the entire family on edge. Unknown to Sonny and Carly, Ava Jerome switched Morgan's meds, and replaced them with placebos. She wanted Morgan to display erratic behavior, so that her daughter Kiki would break up with him. Morgan spiraled out of control, and stole a vehicle that had a bomb underneath, and Morgan was killed when the bomb exploded. Mr, and Mrs, Corinthos were devastated by the death of their youngest son.

Nell put Sonny and Carly in position to hurt each other again

Carly's adopted sister Nell came to town with a grudge.

She wrongly believed Carly paid her dad money to use Nell's kidney to save Carly's daughter Joslyn. It was actually Carly's ex Jasper Jax who made the illegal organ purchase. Nell drugged Sonny and falsely let him believe they slept together. When Carly found out she was so hurt, that she jumped in bed with Jax. At the same time Nell was letting Sonny know that nothing happened between them.

Sonny rushed to Carly's place only to see Jax coming down the stairs. Sonny became livid, and went into fight mode. This is the direction that "GH" always has the Corinthos couple take.

He called his wife a whore, and berated her for quickly jumping into bed with her ex. To retaliate, Sonny reported Jax for illegally purchasing a kidney for his daughter.

Because of this Jax got deported from the U.S. forever. Carly was hell-bent on revenge so she began divorce proceedings. It was revealed that Sonny signed all his holdings over to her some time back, when he thought he might go to prison. Carly is determined to keep all the legitimate holdings and force Sonny to live elsewhere, with money from his off-shore accounts.

On Thursday, Diane Miller, Sonny's lawyer, tried to talk to Carly as a friend. She asked her not to take everything that Sonny has. Diane warned Carly that she and Sonny were their own worst enemies, and that they would hurt each other the most if they continued down this destructive path once more. Sonny and Carly's son Michael even told his mom that he did not believe she really wanted to take such drastic action against his father. Carly is out for blood, and refusing wise council. There is no telling how far she is willing to go this time to punish the man she loves.